'Resident Evil' 8: Everything We Know So Far

'Resident Evil' 8: Everything We Know So Far

RE7's Ethan Winters returns for 'Resident Evil Village'. The game will finally release in May.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of February 24, 2021.

'Resident Evil' 8 is bringing Ethan Winters back in another quest filled with evil entities and perplexing situations.

Officially titled 'Resident Evil Village,' the game will bring Ethan to a mysterious village in Europe as he continues to look for answers and unearth a horde of deadly creatures instead.

Here's everything you need to know. 

Resident Evil 8

'Resident Evil' 8 Release Date: When Will 'Resident Evil Village' Release? 

'Resident Evil' 8 will release on May 7, 2021. The game is confirmed to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

The game will support 4K and ray tracing on PS5 with swift load speed thanks to the console's SSD. The DualSense's adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will allow players to "feel the weight and pull of weapon triggers" and get "the feeling of firing a real gun".

You can pre-order the game now. 

'Resident Evil' 8 Trailers: Are There 'Resident Evil Village' Official Trailers Available? 

We already have a couple of trailers for 'Resident Evil Village', the latest one is released during the game's showcase event on January 21.

The trailer provides a look at the female antagonist of the game and the eerie environment the players will soon explore.

Watch the trailer below. 


Previously, Capcom dropped another teaser trailer that gives us a closer look at the mansion where the game is set. The ominous manor contains a lot of terrifying creatures, along with a mysterious giant woman.

Here is the teaser trailer. 


Is There Available Gameplay Footage For 'Resident Evil' 8? 

We have a quick glimpse at the 'Resident Evil Village' gameplay on the PS5 through a short video clip starring tennis star Naomi Osaka.

The video gave us an insight into how RE8 will use the DualSense controller's haptic feedback. We are pretty sure that Capcom will drop longer gameplay footage soon.

Here is the footage.


'Resident Evil' 8 Plot: What Is 'Resident Evil Village' All About? 

The eighth installment of the Resident Evil game series will bring back Ethan Winters, a few years following the events of Resident Evil 7.

RE8 will see Winters as he travels to Louisiana to look for his missing wife, Mia. The couple gets reunited only to encounter a new form of evil.

"When we made Resident Evil 7, Ethan was conceptualized as a blank and transparent character...However, while making the game, we found that we became quite attached to this Ethan Winters fellow. We found ourselves thinking, 'What happens to him? What's on the next page of his story'," Director Morimasa Sato said in a developer insights video released by Capcom. 

Chris Redfield is also coming back on RE8 to set off a deadly chain of events. 

Resident Evil 8

Will 'Resident Evil' 8 Be In First-Person? 

The series will return to its original First-person perspective in 'Resident Evil Village.' Expect a more immersive gaming experience as you navigate the village and fight evil in the main perspective. 

'Resident Evil Village' Freebie: 'Resident Evil Re: Verse' 

If multiplayer games are your thing, you'll be delighted with Resident Evil Village's freebie.

'Resident Evil Re: Verse' is an online multiplayer title that was created to thank fans for the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil series.

'Re: Verse' will be available for free for those who will purchase 'Resident Evil Village'.

Watch the trailer below. 


'Resident Evil Village': News And Rumors 

In November 2020, Capcom reportedly suffered from a ransomware attack, which resulted in an online leak of the company’s secrets and plans for new games like Resident Evil Village.

According to the leak, 'Resident Evil Village' is slated for an April 2021 launch and will come to PS4 and Xbox One as well as the newer consoles and PC. This is now proven wrong since Capcom already announced a May 7, 2021 release for the game.

The leaks also talked about a demo ahead of the game’s launch, in line with previous releases, with PlayStation players allegedly getting access before other platforms. The leaks also revealed that RE8 will be launching with a separate online element that's codenamed Dominion, albeit no more information on this is available.

Capcom confirmed that a ransomware attack did happen, but they did not confirm nor deny the information leaked following the strike.

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