'Resident Evil 4' Reboot Coming To PS5, Xbox Next Year

The game developers promise better graphics and updated controls to the reimagined storyline of the 2005 game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

Resident Evil 4 is the horror survival shooter game that was developed by Capcom Production Studio. It first debuted in 2005. Capcom, the company publishing the game has just announced that there will be a remake of the game. The announcement was made during Sony’s State of Play live stream. A new trailer was also screened to show the game’s vastly improved graphics. But the new version made sure to maintain the same spooky atmosphere that made the original Resident Evil 4 a hit, reported Polygon.


A PlayStation blog post stated, "This time, the game is being developed to achieve state-of-the-art quality for a survival horror suitable for 2023, while preserving the essence of the original game. We aim to make the game feel familiar to fans of the series, while also providing a fresh feeling to it. This is being done by reimagining the storyline of the game while keeping the essence of its direction, modernizing the graphics, and updating the controls to a modern standard."

Source: PlayStation Blog

What Will The Story Of The Resident Evil 4 Remake Be?

The game is in a third-person perspective where the player controls the protagonist, Leon S. Kennedy, a U.S. government special agent. Maintaining the plot of the original game, the story of the new version will be set six years after the biological disaster in Racoon City. Leon happens to be one of the survivors and has been recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president. He is sent to rescue the kidnapped daughter of the president of the United States. He makes his way to a secluded European village after tracking her and finds that there is something terribly wrong with the villagers. In the original game, the villagers are infected by a mind-controlling parasite. It then takes on the form of a grueling survival horror and rescue game.

Source: PlayStation Blog

The 2005 Resident Evil 4 game was directed by Hideki Kamiya and produced by Shinji Mikami. Unlike the previous Resident Evil games which had fixed camera angles, the team focused on developing more dynamic shooting action. This time, the developers promise another upgrade to the remake as well. 

Source: PlayStation Blog

When Will Resident Evil 4 Be Released?

The game will be made available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. The survival horror game where life and death intersect with terror and catharsis will be released on March 24, 2023.


Resident Evil as a franchise has expanded beyond the confines of being a video game. Last year, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City the film was released in the US. A live-action series is also in development.