Polish Eroctic Film Sequel '365 Days: This Day' Ending Explained: Who Is Adriano?

Polish Eroctic Film Sequel '365 Days: This Day' Ending Explained: Who Is Adriano?

The mafia movie follows the life of Laura and Massimo after their wedding and their run-ins with old enemies and new.

The second installment of the Polish erotic thriller film 365 Days: This Day was released on Netflix on April 27, 2022. The first film was one of the most-watched films when it was first released in 2020. The films are based on the novel trilogy by Blanka LipiƄska.

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The film has often been compared to the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and films. 356 Days drew a lot of criticism for its depiction of sexual violence and glorification of the mafia. The negative reviews gave the film worldwide attention, making a second part inevitable, especially since Netflix's basis renewal is based on the viewership more than anything else. The second film was unable to escape similar criticism as well.

365 Days: This Day

Here's what you can expect from the second film: 

356 Days: This Day Synopsis

At the end of the first film, Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) meets with a terrible accident. She was pregnant with Massimo Torricelli's (Michele Morrone) baby and is just about to inform him over a phone call when the accident occurs. The second film picks up from here. Laura and Massimo are married. She lost her child in the accident but has not informed her husband about it yet. The only person who knows is Olga. 

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But life after marriage is no walk in the park for Laura. After returning from their honeymoon, she becomes a prisoner yet again in Massimo's estate. As a mafia boss' wife, a life bound indoors is the norm and especially after the attack from a rival gang, Massimo is determined not to let her out of his sight. But Laura is not happy with this setup. She lets her husband know about her discontent. With Olga happily engaged to Massimo's right-hand man, Domenico, Laura is aware of the shortcomings of her own relationship. This goes further south during a party.

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Laura, Nacho, And The Evil Twin

At a party, Laura spots Massimo slip away with an ex-flame, Anna. She is heartbroken when she bumps into Nacho, the tattooed gardener who was recently hired. He takes her away to Spain. Massimo is then seen meeting up with Anna again who is insisting they reunite their families. Massimo, who apparently was alright getting cozy with before, is against the idea. He even blames Anna for Laura going missing. But it is then revealed that Anna was not hooking up with Massimo but with his evil twin brother, Adriano. The duo also had a plan of picking up Laura after the party. But she ran away with Nacho.

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But it was not all okay in Spain. Nacho turned out to be the son of one of her husband's biggest rival families, Don Matos. But he tries to convince Laura that he does not want to follow in his father's footsteps and that he actually really liked Laura. Understandably, Laura has had enough of mafia bosses holding her hostage.

356 Days: This Day Ending Explained

Don Matos decides to use Laura as leverage to take over Massimo's gang and give it to his twin brother. He could then control Adriano and essentially be in control. He invites Massimo and threatens to hurt Laura again, reminding him of the car crash. He asks Massimo to give up control to his brother. He refuses because Adriano was responsible for the death of their father.

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But as Laura is supposed to be escorted out, she leaves with the wrong bodyguard and is confronted by Anna and Adriano. Nacho and Massimo find her and Laura is taken hostage by Adriano who threatens to kill her and uses her miscarriage to egg on Massimo. Just as the bombshell dropped, Laura breaks free from Adriano's clutches and tries to make a run for it. Anna shoots at her and Nacho shoots Anna. Massimo ends up shooting Adriano before he has a chance to shoot him. 

In the end, we see Massimo take Laura in his arms. It is still unclear who has been killed and who managed to survive the gunshots. Chances are Laura has survived considering there is another part set to come out. Adriana and Anna are most likely dead. The cliffhanger ending is a great way to have people wait around for the next installment.


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