Plot Holes In Films And TV That Bother People A Lot

Plot Holes In Films And TV That Bother People A Lot

People share the worst movie plot holes that irk them until now.

Nothing spoils a film/television viewing experience more than a glaring plot hole. An illogical glitch in the narrative can easily ruin our entire perception of a movie or a series. People behind these shows and movies may try to get away with their mistakes, but some of these blunders are just so huge that they won't be so easy to forget.

Reddit user u/KentuckyFriedEel recently asked the community, "What movie plothole still bothers you to this day?" Here are some of the best answers. 

"Cinderella has always bothered me."

"We’re supposed to believe the prince falls in love and remembers NOTHING about this woman? No one remembers her face? Hair color? Nothing???"-u/legato_tenuto


"How come the Hulk's pants always still fit down to his thighs, if he's getting big or small?"



"The purge always annoys me..."

"you can literally just leave the country or do fraud to get richer, but instead people just turn into serial killers!"-u/Throwawayam10

The Purge

"How the fuck did palpatine get the crew for the 1,000 star destroyers?"

Did he have the Sith Eternal fuck themselves enough times to have like, an extra 6 million people to pilot them?
How did he even get the raw material for that shit anyway?-u/Gorgeous_goat


"Marty’s family at the end of Back to the Future”-

"There’s no way they would be living in the exact same house if his father turned into a totally different, more successful person. And would you HIRE the guy who tried to rape your wife in HS and that you punched out to wax your cars? HONESTLY?"-u/AlabastorGorilla

Back To The Future

"Not a movie but I was irked by The Walking Dead."

"They literally solved their problems by smearing themselves in zombie blood in season1. Boom. Series over. Glaring plothole to move any further."-u/_r33d_

Walking Dead

"Why didn’t Dr. Strange just use one of his dimensional portals to chop on Thanos’ hand or head in Infinity War?"

"Yes, I know the director said something about Thanos being too tough; but I think it’s just an excuse."-u/Altrano

Thanos /Dr Strange

"At the end of Saw, Cary Elwes' character tries desperately to grab the ringing mobile phone,"

"...which is only centimeters out of reach. When he realizes he can't, he takes off his shirt to use as a tourniquet to cut off his foot, instead of using his shirt to reach the goddam phone."-u/CheezyMcWang


"In Polar Express, the kid who almost misses the train never gets gifts from “Santa” for Christmas..."

"...presumably because his parents can’t afford presents, meaning either A. Santa isn’t real or B. Santa hates poor people? But at the end of the movie the main kid gets the bell from Santa directly so canonically Santa said fuck that kid in particular I guess. This has haunted me for decades."-u/olivedream


"Why didn't Jafar just hypnotize Aladdin and Jasmine like he did the Sultan?"



"Mean Girls: How and why did Janis never receive any of the blame for what went down at North Shore?"

"Cady wound up with all the heat, and while Cady does resolve to stop talking about people behind their backs... the whole damn "infiltrate and destroy the Plastics" thing was Janis's idea! She confesses to it at the goddamn workshop they hold in the gymnasium (showing no remorse), and everyone cheers for her, but Cady gets shunned? Because she was friends with the girls who wrote the Burn Book?
It just seems so backward. Plus, Karen was one of the nicest girls in the movie, and Damien and Janis rip on her for being so dumb. But it's okay when they do it?
Just seems like they get away with shit they condemn others for because they're the outcasts in school."-u/SimCityCrackhouse

Mean Girls

"In Ocean's 8 when Sarah Paulson pulls out the necklace from the water..."

"...it is assumed that it might've dropped when Anne Hathaway was running towards the bathroom. They literally showed that the necklace CANNOT be opened without that magnet thingy and not even her bodygaurds questioned that (who were dumb af tho)."-u/optimistic_nihilist5

Ocean's 8

What are your thoughts about these plot holes? Do you agree with the user's answers? Is there also a movie plot hole that has been bothering you? Tell us in the comments. 

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