Pirates Of The Caribbean Will Reportedly Kill Jack Sparrow In The Upcoming Films

Pirates Of The Caribbean Will Reportedly Kill Jack Sparrow In The Upcoming Films

Captain Jack Sparrow will be killed offscreen in the upcoming films but there will be rumors among the characters that he faked his demise.

Jack Sparrow will not be returning to any of the upcoming Pirates Of The Caribbean films. This decision was made by Disney due to Johnny Depp's legal issues with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Now, with Jack Sparrow not returning, Disney has to figure out how to successfully move forward with a franchise that was built up by the main character.

The sixth installment of Pirates Of The Caribbean is in development as well as a Margot Robbie-led spin-off. Its also being reported that as many as six new Pirates of the Caribbean films are in the works.

Margot Robbie will be leading a Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff

And according to sources close to We Got This Covered, Jack Sparrow will be considered dead in the new films. However, there will be whispers and rumors among the characters that Jack Sparrow actually faked his own death to escape the latest bounty on his head. This plotline allows for the possible return of Jack Sparrow in the future in the case that Johnny Depp's reputation is restored.

Can you imagine that movie? Where Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow makes a grand return after being presumed dead. The box office will go bonkers. But for now, Disney isn't entertaining the idea of bringing Johnny Depp back. All we can do now is wait and follow the progress of Depp and Heard's suits against each other.

There is no word on the release dates of any of the upcoming films but we will definitely keep you posted. 

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