'Perfect Life' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Perfect Life' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The Spanish series follows a group of millennial protagonists Maria, Cris, and Esther, and how they navigate through their lives.

Perfect Life originally called Vida Perfecta is a highly-rated Spanish series that was a hit for Spanish TV operator Movistar Plus. It is now available to audiences in the U.S. The series was created by writer, director, and creator Leticia Dolera (who stars as Maria). HBO Max has picked up U.S. streaming rights for the first season. The series first premiered in Spain and has won over critics and audiences alike.


The series (which is a mix of comedy and drama) follows a group of millennial protagonists Maria, Cris, and Esther, and how they navigate through their lives. The show is described as follows: After getting dumped by her long-term boyfriend and pregnant by a one-night stand, María’s meticulous life plan begins to slip into disarray – but her sister Esther and best friend Cristina are determined to see her through.

According to Variety the show "turns on manic, control-freak María who, after her partner refuses to enter into a long-term mortgage with her, has a one-night stand with Gary the gardener. Meanwhile, her sister Cris is secretly taking birth control behind the back of her husband who wants to start a family. Another sister, Esther, wants to paint, but can’t sell and so works at a waxwork museum."

When Will 'Perfect Life' Season 2 Release? 

The first season of the show came out on January 21, 2020, on HBO Max. According to TV Season & Spoilers, the production is already complete, so fans can look forward to Perfect Life Season 2 sometime in 2021.


'Perfect Life' Season 2 Plot: What Is It All About?

In the first season Maria, Esther, and Cristin were going through their own issues and personal crises and figuring out how to navigate through them. So it's quite likely that season 2 will follow similar themes of marriage, breakups, and finding one's passion. 

Who Will Be In The Cast Of 'Perfect Life' Season 2?

Variety notes that creator Leticia Dolera will once again star in Season 2, working with co-writer Manuel Burque (Requirements to Be a Normal Person). Leticia Dolera leads the main cast as Maria Eugenia Aguado. Aixa Villagrán plays the role of Esther Aguado, Maria’s sister. Celia Freijeiro portrays Cristina “Cris”, Maria’s friend. We're sure the trio is set to return. According to The Cinemaholic, other cast members include "Enric Auquer as Gari, Font García as Pablo, Manuel Burque as Xosé, David Verdaguer as Gustavo, Cocó Salvador as Paula, Víctor Fontela as Richi, Alba Estapé as Natalia “Nata”, Marieta Sánchez as Maruja, Ángela Cervantes as Ro, Jasmine Roldán as Jimmy, Xavi Sáez as Carlos and many others," who are most likely to resume their original roles.


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