People Think These Heroes Are Worse Than The Villains

People Think These Heroes Are Worse Than The Villains

"This is highly unhealthy and terrible behavior."

Have you ever come across a film where the protagonist ends up really annoying that you end up cheering for the antagonist instead? It actually happens more than we realize. Reddit user acharismaticjeweller recently asked the community if there are "movies where the hero is clearly much worse than the villain?" 

Here are some of the best answers.

Julia Roberts -My Best Friend's Wedding

1. "Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding."

"You root for her for a bit, and then you realize, "oh no, this is highly unhealthy and terrible behavior." Thankfully that is the point of the movie. It's not a good movie, but it fits here."-esprit_de_croissants

Top Gun

2. "Top Gun"

"Maverick is a bit of a prick while Iceman is a stand-up guy"- u/camikazi02

Home Alone 2

3. "Home Alone 2, the Hotel staff not the Sticky-Bandits."

"Tim Currey and company are made to be the bad guys trying to ruin Kevin’s fun when in reality they are just doing their job."-u/greekkenpachi

Point Break

4. "No one dies in point break until Keanu starts f***ing up."

"The former presidents are robbing ten banks a year with zero casualties, they're not even hitting vaults. All the cash is insured, and in a city with over a thousand bank robberies a year, these guys can't be the nastiest.

As soon as Johnny Utah starts getting involved, people get hurt.

He fucks up the DEAs case on the meth dealers, getting most of them killed. He gets his girlfriend taken hostage because he's not very good at keeping his cover identity, he gets Gary Busy killed by not calling for backup, and at least twice in the film, he recklessly fires his gun into highly populated areas.
He didn't even foil one bank robbery."-u/barnfodder


5. "Memento"

"Without spoiling anything, you see Lenny and Teddy in very different lights by the end of the film. But it’s such a grey area it’s hard to say who’s actually better."-ProseBeforeSnows

Peter Pan

6. "Peter Pan"

"He kidnaps children to feed his own hang-ups while bullying a poor pirate."-u/lazyant


7. "WandaVision"

"Wanda mind controls an entire town, essentially paralyzing them and forcing their bodies to drone on like robots, while inside their heads they’re completely aware and can’t do anything to stop it."u/ifixputers

"Revenge of the Nerds

8. "The nerds in Revenge of the Nerds"

"(They) committed far worse acts than their jock nemeses. Rape and sexual assault versus graffiti."-u/Shadow2483

Death Note

9. "The movie sucked, but the anime Death Note did a great job..."

"having a villain as the protagonist and hero as the antagonist."

Den of Thieves

10. "Den of Thieves isn't a great film by any means..."

"...but the Gerard Butler character is a total POS, while Pablo Schreiber is a very likable guy"-u/JD_Revan451

"I Care A Lot"

11. "I Care A Lot? "

"Not that Dinklage's character was a saint, but it seemed like he had some redeeming qualities as far as his mother was concerned."

Better Call Saul

12. "I know you said movies, but I think Better Call Saul is a good example of this."

"The protagonist is morally bankrupt and has a tendency to cheat, lie, and defraud, but it’s complicated. And then there is his brother, who is a rich, successful, intelligent, seemingly harmless person at the beginning. Their moralities and personalities and what’s “right” and “wrong,” “good” and “bad” are explored throughout the show."

School of Rock

13. "School of Rock"

"Jack Black's character gets kicked out of a band only to steal his friend's job to trick a bunch of school kids to enter the battle of the bands to get back at his old band for kicking him out.

Sarah Silverman's character tries to tell him to get a job, and become responsible and pushes her boyfriend to stand up for himself."

Blue Ruin

14. "Blue Ruin is a great movie like that," 

"kind of like "what if Batman was poor and unskilled"-MurderDoneRight

Sweet Home Alabama

15. "Sweet Home Alabama"

Reese Witherspoon’s character is a horrible person.-u/genralz0d

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