People Share The Most Disturbing Films They Will Never Watch Again And They Are Making Our Stomachs Turn

People Share The Most Disturbing Films They Will Never Watch Again And They Are Making Our Stomachs Turn

Warning: This article contain graphic scenes and descriptions. Read at your own risk.

Have you ever watched a film so disgusting and depressing that its ominous feeling stayed with you even years after you've seen it? Well, you're not the only one. A Reddit user by the name of u/Winologue recently asked people about the movie they find so disturbing they would never watch it again. 

Here we compiled some of the most upvoted answers. 

1. 'Precious'

"I saw it in the movie theater and thought I was going to vomit. It was based on the book Push, about a girl who was raped by her father with her mother's help. The girl was uneducated and had two kids that were a product of rape." - u/blackwidowinsc


2. 'Come and See.'

It is a WWII movie that focuses on a young boy who joins the soviets to fight the Germans. And the scenes in that movie are so...so horrific. There is 1 scene that involves a barn being burned that my mind still flashes to and makes me sick to my stomach."- u/FlinginFlangin

Come and See

3. 'Inside (a l'interior).'

"After a car accident kills her unborn child, a woman goes after the other driver, a pregnant woman. It is F****D"- u/DetectiveSpacebot

a l'interior

4. 'The Girl Next Door' (2007)

"This movie turned me into an emotional zombie for days after. It's amazing, but don't watch it."- u/Krocin

The Girl Next Door

5. 'Dead Girl.'

"Some guys find a dead girl (she is a zombie) and proceed to... continuously have s**  with her body. This progresses until one of the guys begins cutting holes into her body to have s** with as these holes are warmer and cozier(???) and then he gets infected when she bites him." -u/TheGrVIII1

Dead Girl

6. 'Antichrist.'

"Antichrist is probably the only movie I’ve ever turned off in discomfort. I have a strong stomach. "-u/brideofchuckydoll


7. 'Leaving Las Vegas.'

"Leaving Las Vegas. Nicholas Cage lives in a shitty hotel and actively, purposely drinks himself to death."- u/FaintDamnPraise

Leaving Las Vegas

8. 'Cannibal Holocaust.'

"I’m glad the internet was around by the time I saw that movie. If I had watched it before search engines, I probably would have thought it was all real.
I think the thing that does it is that all the animal deaths were real, so the visceral nature of that brought the mind to think it's all real. That turtle fu***d me up.
Looking back, it is pretty funny the Italian courts made the director get all the actors to show up to prove it wasn’t real."- u/Bringmytvcloser


9. 'I Spit On Your Grave.'

"I Spit On Your Grave. The first one especially got me. I think there are three? Just horrible rape scenes and I was not expecting it."-u/hkm11

I Spit On Your Grave- Original

10. 'A Serbian film.'

"I once read the plot synopsis on Wikipedia because I never ever want to see this movie, so I might as well have it all spoiled. Simply reading it was much more than my mind was able to handle."- u/Gizmo_Stripe

A Serbian film

11. 'Human Centipede.'

"Only watched the first one, never going to watch the other two"- u/CrimsonToker707


PS. Answers were edited for clarity and length. Which of these films have you seen? Are there any movies you wish to add to the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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