People Share The Most Annoying Fictional Characters They Absolutely Hate

People Share The Most Annoying Fictional Characters They Absolutely Hate

Some of these characters aren't even the villains!

There is a reason to believe that some characters are purely created to annoy us. They are not necessarily depicted as the main villains, but their very existence can boil our blood. Just seeing them already brings so much anger sometimes we wish we could get on the screen and punch them right in the face!

Well, prepare to get more annoyed. A Reddit user named u/CleverUseOfGameMecha asked, "What fictional character do you absolutely hate?" Her post received more than 37,000 responses, and here we pick some of the most upvoted answers.

Let's take a look at the list we compiled below. 

1. "Mertle from Lilo and Stitch. She constantly picks on Lilo, and when she finally retaliates, Mertle plays the victim. I hate her with all my being, f*** that little piece of sh**" -u/FuzzyMonkey95


2."I was gonna say that Ramsay Bolton would be among the most hated Game Of Thrones character, but now I think Joffrey Baratheon would be the absolute worst as a character"- u/bob_buttlicker_ 

Joffrey Baratheon

3. Caleb from King of the Hill..."Dusty old bones, full of green dust."- u/ThisMeansWarm


4." Arturo from Money Heist, but who doesn't hate him?"–u/AppropriateSky5


5."There was a show on Nickelodeon called Told By Ginger. The main character, Ginger, her best friend was named Dodie. Well, let me tell ya,
F*** DODIE! All she wants is to be popular and would/and has backstabbed Ginger." -u/Bkbee


6. "Leonard from The Umbrella Academy. I could see right through him from the start, and I never saw what Vanya saw in him. I’m not going to spoil what happens to him, but I'm just happy that he got his comeuppance" -u/goeatsanta

Leonard from The Umbrella Academy

7. "The penguin from Wallace and Gromit"- u/aliya112233

The penguin from Wallace and Gromit

8. "Jan from the office. the things she did to Michael were disgusting and also was kind of a creep. I couldn’t hate her more."- u/dxholx

Jan from the office

9. "Piper fu****g Chapman. THE most unlikeable main character in any series ever. I’m so glad there were more story arcs besides hers"- u/mavis_de


10. "The Ice Age baby. That little sh** still visits me in my dreams."- u/OrthodoxOxymoron

The Ice Age baby

11.Stuart Little "Can you fu****g imagine? You’re at an orphanage hoping to God you’ll one day get out of this fu****g hell-hole when all of a sudden you see a nice white upper-middle-class family who decides to pick a FU****G MOUSE over you. Let that sh** sink in."- user profile deleted

Stuart Little

12."The youngest daughter of brad Pitt in world war Z. I know she’s like 3, but that girl got on my nerves the whole movie. Whining and sh**" -u/ceo-of-penis


13. "Bella from Twilight. And Edward, too. He’s a complete stalker, and Bella, for some reason, likes that. I’m mad that I wasted my time reading the first book. Literally, the entire thing is just Bella developing a crush on Edward, like, 'Oh no, I like him, but he’s a vampire,' then finally, the action happens in the last few chapters, where some sadistic vampire hunts her down. By that point, I was rooting for him, not her."


14. "Honestly, I think that Mr. Krabs, in some of the later seasons of SpongeBob, was one of the most pretentious, selfish, and borderline psychopathic fictional characters. How he tormented Plankton and abused SpongeBob’s ignorance really infuriated me." -–u/Un-moist

Mr. Krabs

15. Ezra Fitz from Pretty Little Liars. The whole teacher/high school student romance was gross and creepy, but the show framed it as this sexy forbidden romance."-u/Liz-N-Love

Ezra Fitz

Ps. Some of the answers are edited for clarity. Do you have a hated character that should've made on the list? Tell us in the comments.

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