'Pentiment' - An Upcoming Game By Obsidian: Everything We know So Far

'Pentiment' - An Upcoming Game By Obsidian: Everything We know So Far

Obsidian's latest single-player title, Pentiment is set to provide full-on Rennaissance vibes!

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Obsidian's latest single-player title, Pentiment is set to provide full-on Rennaissance vibes! The game is set to release this month, so here's everything you need to know before unleashing your inner detective for this game. Here is a handy guide, including the Pentiment release date and trailer, gameplay details, etc. 

What Is the Game All About?

Developed by Obsidian, the talented-minded folks have brought us the likes of Pillar of Eternity and Fallout: New Vegas, Pentiment is a mystery-driven adventure that's supported by a solid narrative which is indeed a unique take on role-playing games, quite unlike any other RPG games. The adventures are largely split between the hallowed halls of Kiersau Abbey and the sleepy Bavarian town of Tassing, Pentiment's realm is extremely engaging in nonlinear dialogues with multiple villagers, tradesmen, monks, and envoys as the player seek to unravel the mysteries and murders along with the scandals in the area.

When, Where, and How to Play Pentiment?

Pentiment will not see a PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch release, This is because developer Obsidian is owned by Xbox Game Studios. Pentiment will be jointly exclusive to PC, Xbox One, and Series S/X platforms for the future. Pentiment is scheduled to release on November 15. 

YouTube | XBOX
YouTube | Xbox

Does Pentiment Have A Character Creator?

Indeed, it does. Though you can't materially change the character who goes by the name Andreas's appearance to any great extent, however, you can provide him with a class and role as you might expect in a traditional setting like this game. Moreover, you can also choose the background that will help Andreas gather special abilities in different areas, for example, choosing a background in science will help Andreas more accurately diagnose autopsies and chemical compositions. Choosing a background in philosophy will help Andreas with more dialogue options when speaking to a nervous introverted philosopher. Check out the trailer below.

YouTube | Xbox
YouTube | Xbox

Will Pentiment Have Voice Acting?

No, Pentiment will not have any voice acting instead its narrative will be imparted through the deeply old-fashioned means of texts and, well, reading. Pentiment's scripts look set to have wit and verve quite a lot, which makes the reading much easier and enjoyable. 


What Accessibility Options Does It Have?

In addition to a bunch of accurately authored localisations for different languages, Pentiment also provides users with features like precise text to speak and also clearer fonts for players that may be visually impaired or have difficulty reading.

What Are The Influences Behind Pentiment's Unique Art Style?

The thing that sets this RPG game apart from the rest is its striking art style. The influences reach back to the times of Yore. Deeply informed by the illuminated manuscripts of old and some of the very first books, Pentiment's aesthetics provides a portal of sorts into the past. 

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