The Trailer For 'IT' Chapter 2 Is Out And It Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

The Trailer For 'IT' Chapter 2 Is Out And It Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

'IT Chapter 2' trailer shows that Pennywise the dancing clown is back and he will haunt your dreams.

The first trailer of 'IT Chapter 2' is here and it is appropriately terrifying, thereby managing to set the tone right for the upcoming sequel. By the looks of the trailer, I think it is safe to say that it is equal parts terrifying and creepy. The sequel to the movie is a direct follow-up to 2017’s 'IT' and is also based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. The first movie followed the beginning of the book that focused on the characters when they were children who have a gang of their own titled as 'The Losers Club'. 


The gang makes a return in the sequel, but this time, all of them have grown up. The trailer of the movie opens with Beverly Marsh who is visiting her childhood home in hopes to find her estranged father but to her surprise, she gets greeted by an elderly woman who invites her inside for a cup of tea. The woman strikes a conversation with Beverly, saying, "You know what they say about Derry? No one who dies here ever really dies." Beverly looks at the pictures on the wall, and a while later, she becomes paralyzed with fear after realizing that the elderly lady is Pennywise in disguise. 


The other members of the losers club are also seen throughout the clip as they come together once again to finally put an end to the killer clown. Bill is seen intently at the sewer through which Pennywise tricked his younger brother to his death nearly three decades prior. Richie is seen sitting on a bench under the Paul Bunyan statue and It floats across the sky with balloons. Ben, Eddie, and Isaiah also appear in the trailer. The trailer also shows a few flashbacks to the characters' younger selves. Unlike in the novels, the losers club form in 1958 and reunite in 1985. The movie timeline is set a little more in the future as 'IT' takes place in 1985 and IT Chapter 2' takes place in 2016. 


The sequel is being directed by Andy Muschietti, who also directed the first movie and the cast of the movie includes Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Skarsgård, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, and James Ransone in the lead cast. 'It: Chapter Two' will hit theaters on September 6th.


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