Paulina Chávez: 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Star

Paulina Chávez: 10 Things You Didn't Know About 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Star

Meet Paulina Chávez, the Hispanic/ Latin American actress who will star as Flora in Netflix's 'Fate: The Winx Saga' Season 2.

One of the glaring differences between Netflix's 'Fate: The Winx Saga' and the 'Winx Club' is the absence of Flora. 

Flora is Winx Club’s resident nature fairy. She has the power to grow and control plants according to her will. 

In the first season of 'Fate: The Winx Saga,' we met a new character named Terra, who later got revealed as Flora's cousin. 

Terra also has a similar power with Flora, but fans of the original animated series can't help but still notice the absence of such an important character. 

Finally, Netflix is trying to fix that issue and will introduce us to Flora in season 2! Paulina Chavez will be playing Flora in the upcoming season. 

Before Flora finally arrives in Alfea, let us get to know the actress who will portray the nature fairy first. Here are 10 interesting things you did not know about the actress.

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. 

1. Paulina Starred As Ashley Garcia In Netflix's The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia. 

It is not the first time for the young Paulina to star in a Netflix series. Paulina Chavez starred in the lead role in Netflix's 'The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.' She plays a 15-and-a-half-year-old genius robotics engineer and rocket scientist in the comedy show. 

Paulina Chavez

2. Paulina Started Acting When She Was Seven 

Paulina Chávez told People En Espanol that she was seven years old when she started acting. Her parents used to drive her for a nearly 10-hour round trip from San Antonio to Dallas for auditions and acting lessons. 

"I'd just been auditioning and auditioning and working hard," Paulina said. 

Now at 19, all her hard work from a young age has finally paid off. 

Paulina Chavez

3. Paulina Is A Hispanic/Latina

Netflix went under fire during the first season of 'Fate: The Winx Saga' for whitewashing the show. The streamer sets the record straight this time by casting a real-life Hispanic/Latina to play Flora.

Paulina is a Mexican American actress who has participated in several Latinx-focused hits, including 'Gentefied,' and 'On My Block.'

Paulina Chavez

4. Paulina Is Using Her Voice And Influence To Inspire Latinas

Paulina is proud of her Hispanic/Latina origin, and she wants to use it to inspire others to pursue their dreams. 

In the same interview, the Mexican American actress revealed that she wants to use her voice as an actress to represent Latinas. 

"Not only that, but being an actress, you also have a voice and you have to use it for good and what you believe in. So I do want to use my voice for good and represent Latinas. Latinas can do whatever they set their minds to."

Paulina Chavez

5. Paulina Created Scholarships For Latinx Students At A San Antonio School

Paulina is a firm believer in the importance of education. Remaining true to her words of wanting to help Latins achieve their dreams, she created a scholarship for Latinx students at a San Antion School.

She teamed up with the Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio to help local seniors pay for college.

"My mom is an educator, so I believe education is a very important thing," she explains about why she founded the scholarship program.

"I just want to help Latinos pursue whatever they want to do. It's just creating opportunities for them and opening the doors for many possibilities."

Paulina Chavez

6. Paulina Is Also A Musician

Aside from her love for acting, Paulina is also a musician. When she moved to San Antonio, she signed up for the mariachi program and learned to play the violin. However, her main reason for signing up was to be able to sing and perform.

"Performing is just something I love to do, and connecting with the audience is top-notch," Paulina added

Recently, Paulina has teamed up with co-star Jencarlos Canela for her original music, which will include five or six songs.

“It’s going to be alternative meets rock meets Latino pop with a hint of mariachi,” she told People En Espanol about her musical debut.

“I found my love for music through mariachi songs because we would have mariachi parties when I was growing up and everyone would just sing. Ever since then I always wanted to do music. I was a part of a mariachi group in San Antonio, I played the violin and did vocals.”

Paulina Chavez

7. Paulina Is Not Afraid Of Voicing Out Her Opinion And Stand On Political And Social Issues

Paulina has a very active Instagram profile, and she does not hesitate to use it to shed light on issues that matter. Aside from sharing photos of herself regularly, she also uses them to discuss important issues like Feminism and Dustin John Higgs's execution. 


8. Paulina Has A Dog Named Luna

Paulina loves Luna so much she has mentioned her in several interviews. She loves playing with Luna and spending time with her. Luna is such an adorable, cuddly, good girl. We can't help but wish we could pet her, too. 

She also adopted a cat last year, two days before the city went on lockdowns due to Covid-19. 


9. Paulina is Obsessed With Flaming Hot Cheetos with lime and Valentina.

When Yay OMG asks Paulina about the three things she cannot live without, the young actress answered: Flaming Hot Cheetos with lime and Valentina, Rubik’s Cube and, the classic sitcom 'Friends.'

Paulina Chavez

10. Paulina Chavez Quick Facts

Paulina was born in El Paso, Texas on May 22, 2002. She turned 19 years old this year (2021). 

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