'Ozark' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

'Ozark' Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Will the dark and gritty tale of the Byrdes's in Ozark continue to season 4? Here's all we know so far.

This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of September 8, 2020.

The American crime drama series, Ozark, has been so successful that people just can't stop asking for more.

The Netflix series about a money-laundering scheme gone wrong has just released its third season in March this year, but fans are already begging for what's next. But are we going to get a fourth season? Let's explore.

Has Ozark Been Renewed For Season 4?

Netflix officially renewed Ozark for a fourth season on June 30, 2020. It was also announced that it would be the show's final outing. 

The announcement was made on Netflix's official Twitter account with the caption: "They're going to go out with a bang. Ozark will be back with an expanded 14-episode final season."


This comes as no surprise as the show has been a hit for the streaming giant.

Showrunner Chris Mundy had even previously mentioned that they had no plans of stopping at three seasons.

"We've always talked about it as five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven ... but that always seemed like a good number to us," showrunner Chris Mundy said via The Hollywood Reporter.

What Can We Expect In Ozark Season 4? 


First note, we're only expecting a few characters to continue to the next season after a couple of them were killed in the past. Nelson went on a killing spree assassinating notable characters Helen Pierce (Navarro's representative) and Sue (Marty and Wendy's therapist).

Wendy also commissioned Nelson to kill her brother, Ben Davis, in a desperate attempt to save their family from the cartel.

It's safe to say we won't be seeing them again unless the director decides to cover their deaths through some plot twists.

With old characters leaving, we are expecting room for new faces. There are rumors that new cast members are joining the next season.

There's also a chance that we will see Charles Wilkes and his partner Jim come back for season 4 after reappearing briefly in season 3.

Charles Wilkes played a significant role as a businessman and political donor on season 2. 

When Is The Release Date For Ozark season 4?


There's no official release date yet as of this writing. However, looking at the history of Ozark's previous release dates, season 4 is more likely to debut at least in 2021.

Ozark season 1 released in July of 2017, and the next season premiered in August of 2018, while the third season went live in March 2020.

Considering the recent pandemic halting productions worldwide, it is most likely for season 4 to take at least one or two years to happen. 

The show's star, Jason Bateman, revealed in an August interview with Indiewire that production is currently due to start in November 2020.

"We're going to start November 9. Everything is moving well toward that, and we’re very confident in the guidelines and protocols we’re going to be following. We’ve got tons of consultants, [and] we’re learning a lot from other productions.”

Who Are The Cast Members Of Ozark Season 4? 


Jason Bateman and Laura Linney are most likely to reprise their major roles as husband and wife: Martin "Marty" Byrde and Wendy Byrde.

Other major characters expected to return are Felix Solis as Navarro, Skylar Gaertner as Jonah, Julia Garner as Ruth Langmore, Lisa Emery as Darlene Snell, Charlie Tahan as Wyatt Langmore, and Jessica Francis Dukes as FBI Special Agent Maya Miller (who is expecting a baby). 

John Bedford Lloyd is also expected to come back as the Kansas City Mafia boss, Frank Cosgrove. Joseph Sikora will play his son Frank Cosgrove Jr. Darren Goldstein might also reprise his role as Charles Wilkes, while Damian Young will play Jim.

These are all the information and theories we've gathered on Ozark's possible season 4. Stay tuned; we will keep you posted on upcoming developments on the series. 

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