'Overlord' Season 4: Release Date And Renewal Update

'Overlord' Season 4: Release Date And Renewal Update

It is possible that the new season will be a two-cour season. It is so because animators can make a 13 episode run by using the 10th and 11th volume.

Anime lovers have been impatiently waiting for 'Overlord Season 4' ever since season 3 ended. The series has racked up many appreciation and love from the fans because of its futuristic storyline. 'Overlord Season 3' was released back in October 2018, and now fans want to know the status for its fourth installment. This popular Isekai anime is produced by Madhouse studio, who has a bad reputation when it comes to making a sequel of an anime series. However, fans mustn't fear, as 'Overlord' is the only series that has kept the studio occupied for the longest of time. As the fan following for this series is getting higher every day making it a big success, expecting a fourth season is obvious! Here is everything we know about the fourth series arrival.

Will The 'Overlord' Season 4 Really Happen?


The ending of season 3 dropped a message saying, 'And the story goes on', making season 4 an obvious thing to happen. The hardcore anime fans would know that the story is not going to end so easily after the establishment of the Sorcerer Kingdom. Therefore, the fourth installment got to have some mind-boggling series of adventures.

For those who don't know, just like any other Isekai novel, 'Overlord' too started off as a web novel. Gradually, people started reading it pushing it towards fame and soon it turned into a light novel series. The novel was also adapted in the form of a manga as well as an anime. There are three seasons out there for the fans to watch that covers 9 out of 13 volumes. Therefore, the animators surely have enough content and material for making the fourth happen. 


It is possible that the new season will be a two-cour season. It is so because animators can make a 13 episode run by using the 10th and 11th volume. This also means that there could be another part that can be produced using the remaining two volumes as they are a two-part titled “The Paladin of the Holy Kingdom.”

What To Expect In 'Overlord' Season 4?

The fact that 'Overlord' so far has followed the manga pretty well, there are some spoilers for the anime fans, unfortunately. The spoiler deals with how Ainz will be doing a future story. It is believed that the fourth installment will start with Ainz managing the concerns related to the decline of the resources in his kingdom. He might also plan to strengthen his Adventure Guilds. Following the manga ritually, after discovering the Sorcerer Kingdom, Ainz walked to the mayor's chamber to take over the throne of E-Rantel city. He goes into his new study to discuss some important issue along with Yuri and Albedo. The fourth season will also show Albedo conveying her feelings to her beloved master. 


Season 4 will also show some feature from previous scenes. Other characters will be introduced in the new series who will update and report to Ainz about the progress in the new challenges. Season 4 might possibly highlight Pandora's actor. He asks Ainz about his future plans for the Sorcerer Kingdom, however, Ainz is fighting himself as he is having doubts about what to do with his big nation. This part will include Pandora's actor getting Ainz's special treatment which he will try to keep a secret from others. The fourth installment will end by Ainz finally getting an idea of turning his kingdom into a utopia where all races will kneel and bend the knee to honor him. 

When Will The 'Overlord' Season 4 Be Released?

The animators try their best to keep their anime series marginally behind the source material to ensure that everything goes systematically. If at all Madhouse decides to make 'Overlord Season 4' in the next few months, they won't be left with much material and content for any further installments. This wouldn't be a good thing and might lead to a hiatus, due to which a lot of good animes got canceled in previous years. Therefore, it is expected that Madhouse will wait for the light novel series to release two more volumes before releasing the fourth installment, and fans can expect the release in the fall of 2020 or early 2021.

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