'Outer Banks' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Outer Banks' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Outer Banks' season 2 left us with intense surprises and cliffhangers. Will the show return for a third season?

'Outer Banks' season 2 has given us plenty of surprises up until the very end.

The Pogues have come a long way since trying to find out what happened to John B's missing father in season 1. The group gets caught in a precarious treasure hunt that gets them in trouble with the Camerons, the influential family that also has their eyes on the fortune.

The Camerons had another big win at the end of season 2, but the Pogues are not giving up. With the return of another central character, we are sure that a third season is going to be even more intense.

Here's everything we know about the potential return of 'Outer Banks' for season 3.

Is 'Outer Banks' Renewed For Season 3? 

Netflix is yet to renew 'Outer Banks' for season 3 as of this writing. However, the way the second season ended hints that a third season is already on the table. Season 2 ended in a huge cliffhanger, which is a clear testament that the creators already have a third season in mind to continue the story.

'Outer Banks' boss Jonas Pate previously revealed that he envisions the show running for about four to five seasons. However, everything boils down to Netflix's decision in the end. Netflix often renews shows at least a month after a season premieres. 'Outer Banks' season 2 has just landed on Netflix on July 30, 2021. Hence, the renewal might come around late August or early September.

When Will 'Outer Banks' Season 3 Release?

We are still waiting for Netflix to renew 'Outer Banks' for season 3. If the renewal comes on our expected date, then the third season will likely release around mid-2022. We will closely monitor recent news and developments of the show and update this space once new information is available. 

What Is The Plot Of 'Outer Banks' Season 3? 

Warning: Season 2 Spoilers Ahead.

The second season left us with a major cliffhanger. The Pogues swore revenge against the Camerons, who managed to steal both the gold treasures and the Cross of Saint Domingo.

We found out the Cross of Saint Domingo serves as a family's heirloom to Pope throughout the second season. The mysterious cross is said to contain the Garment of Savior, a Christian relic that can cure any disease. A mysterious woman named Carla Limbrey has reached out to Pope, claiming that she can help exonerate John for a crime he didn't commit. However, Carla's true intention was ultimately revealed. She wants to get the miraculous relic within the cross to heal her terminal disease.

Unfortunately for Carla, she was betrayed by Rafe. Rafe took the cross away, and the holy garment that was supposed to be inside the cross is nowhere to be found.

The quest is not over though, as we soon found out that John B's father is alive! Before the second season ended, he struck a deal with Carla. He offers to help Carla find the relic, but she must help his son in exchange. John B and the rest of the group are currently on an unknown Caribbean island after the epic battle with the Camerons. They lost both Tanny's treasures, but at least they managed to rescue Sarah.   

The second season will likely follow The Pogues as they try to get back both treasures and make the Camerons pay for their crimes. Now that Carla and the Pogues have a common enemy, the group will hopefully have more leverage to win the war. We are also expecting a dramatic reunion between John B and his missing father, who we all presumed dead in season 1. 

There is going to be another adventure along the way as we try to look for the missing relic. Is the relic as powerful as the legend says? Will it cure Carla's terminal illness? Let's hope that a third season gets greenlit very soon.

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Who Is Cast In 'Outer Banks' Season 3? 

The Pogues along with the other main cast members of the series are highly likely to return should the show get renewed for season 3.

The Pogues are Chase Stokes (John B), Madelyn Cline (Sarah), Madison Bailey (Kiara), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), and Rudy Pankow (JJ). Carlacia Grant (Cleo) is also likely to return after she gets welcomed as the new member of The Pogues in season 2.

We are also expecting to see Drew Starkey (Rafe), Charles Esten (Ward), and Austin North (Topper).

Season 2's surprise ending also tells us that Elizabeth Mitchell (Carla Limbrey) and Charles Halford (Big John, John B's presumed dead father) will also be returning for season 3. 

'Outer Banks' Season 3 Official Trailer: When Can We See It?

'Outer Banks' season 2 has just landed on Netflix. Assuming the show gets renewed for another season soon, we will have to wait around a year before seeing the official trailer. 

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