Outer Banks Season 2 On Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

Outer Banks Season 2 On Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

The future of Netflix's Outer Banks series seems bright. Here's why fans should celebrate.

'Outer Banks' is one of Netflix's newest releases this year and fans are already calling it the highlight of 2020.

The teen action-adventure, mystery, and drama series has kept the audience glued to the screen when it released on April 15, 2020.

To fans, Outer Banks compensated for the real-life adventure they missed when the world started going on lockdowns.

Can we expect the adventures to continue in the future? Here's what we know. 

Has 'Outer Banks' Been Renewed For Season 2?


'Outer Banks' has been officially renewed for season 2.

Co-creator Josh Pate spoke via Entertainment Weekly and revealed that the pen work for the next script has already started.

He also disclosed future plans for the show.

In the same interview, Pate said, "Ever since we started, we always viewed it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe five-season show, but definitely four seasons."

What Will Happen In 'Outer Banks' Season 2? 


'Outer Banks' follows a group of teenagers called the Pogues in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They are on a mission to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of their ringleader's father which is linked to a legendary treasure.

Season 1 left the audience hanging and we are expecting season 2 to pick up on those scenes.

With the disappearance of the ring leader John B and his love interest Sarah, it is exciting to see how the Pogues will navigate through life. Madison Bailey revealed via Seventeen that the Pogues will seek vengeance on Ward now that they believe that Sarah and John B are dead. 

Bailey who plays Kiara in the show said, "We’re going to have to come together and take care of each other now more than ever."

She added that revenge is going to be on the group's mind. 

Aside from that, fans are hoping that John B will finally locate the treasure that will eventually lead him to his missing father. 

Hopefully, the crew that saved John B and Sarah will take them to the Bahamas.

On the other hand, fans are also expecting to see Ward (Sarah's father) deal with authorities after Sheriff Peterkin's death.

If the series is indeed coming with at least 4 seasons, then we can expect another cliffhanger for the finale.

When Is The Release Date Of 'Outer Banks' Season 2?

Outer Banks

Unfortunately, it's too early to tell. Netflix has not announced an official release date yet for 'Outer Banks' Season 2, but fans are speculating it will arrive at least by 2021. With the recent global lockdowns, this may even push further until 2022.

Don't worry because we will surely keep you posted with all the upcoming details.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Outer Banks Season 2? 


We are expecting to see the main cast of season 1 reprise their roles. The Pogues will be back with Chase Stokes as the group's ring leader, John B.

Madelyn Cline will also be back as John B's love interest, Sarah Cameron. Madison Bailey is also expected to return as Kiara "Kie" the unlikely member of Pogues. She technically is a Kook but she hangs out with the Pogues.

Other cast members include Jonathan Daviss as Pope (the think-tank of the Pogues) and Rudy Pankow as JJ (John B's best friend). Charles Esten is also likely to come back as Sarah's father, Ward, following his involvement in the death of Sheriff Peterkin (Adina Porter). 

When Can We See The Official Trailer For Outer Banks Season 2? 

There is no official trailer yet for the upcoming season but we're expecting to see it at least next year. Trailers usually drop a month before the show's premiere. For now, we'll just leave you with the season 1's trailer for reminiscing.


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