One Punch Man Season 3: Renewal Status And Release Date

One Punch Man Season 3: Renewal Status And Release Date

Looking forward to when Saitama returns to screen? Here's a rundown of the story so far and what twists we we can look forward to for season 3!

Everyone's favorite OP superhero Saitama saw the conclusion of season 2 at the end of last year, and fans are already clamoring for the completion of season 3. For those who aren't up-to-date with the series, now's a good time to get started to prepare for season 3, which should be out later this year. The story sees loveable yet occasionally clueless Saitama as an epic-level superhero character, battling alongside other superheroes for fame and recognition. However, his lack of taking the job seriously has meant that he earns less of a reputation and respect than other heroes, despite being far more powerful than the most epic of heroes that form the Hero Association.

A Hero for Fun

Throughout seasons one and two, we meet Saitama as a man who inexplicably has power far beyond that of even the most potent superhero, but he himself is the antithesis of a true hero. He's typically lazy, loves playing video games (alongside his friend, the number-one ranked hero at the corps), and serves as the unwilling sensei to one of the more powerful heroes in the city that the Hero Association has sworn to protect. Any villain who has the misfortune to cross Saitama's path usually spends some time laughing at the bald protagonist before he summarily dispatches them with one single punch, hence the title of the anime.

The manga was created by the artist One in 2009. Since then, it has seen massive fame after being translated into English. The series is adapted from the manga and has received critical acclaim for its humor and wit. The anime seems to be a satirical retelling of the superhero genre, with the premise centering on "what would happen if an unbeatable hero existed." Saitama's simplistic look and everyman-level of sophistication make him the strangest hero-type protagonist to grace an anime in recorded memory. However, the look and feel of the character works alongside his personality. Within the series, high-level heroes are doing the things that heroes usually do in these kinds of action-anime. At the same time, Saitama, unbothered by the chaos around him, tries to sort out his personal relationships. He also aims to get his shopping done, sometimes bringing the episode to a close with a single punch to defeat the enemy the other heroes had spent the entire installment trying to deal with.

What We Expect in One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man

One Punch Man switched studios for the production of the second season, and the differences could be seen both artistically as well as within the story. Saitama's personality becomes more fleshed-out in season 2, and we have less quirky, throwaway moments and more story-sensitive plot constructions. Season 2 also introduces the series' first anti-hero, Garou, and spent a lot of time developing the backstories of many of the supporting characters that watchers have grown to love. The entirety of season 2 was spent setting up a confrontation between Garou and Saitama that fans are chomping at the bit to experience when season 3 comes out.

Garou, the anti-hero

We expect the tongue-in-cheek humor and fun to continue in season 3. Still, there will be a distinct lack of familiar faces, as we're not sure fan-favorite Genos will make a return after the cyborg's unfortunate circumstances at the end of the second season (no spoilers). Fans can look forward to the Hero Association taking a stance against the monster Association as things come to heat up. Reports have surfaced saying that Saitama will have less screen time in season 3, but we should expect this based on the current trend. Compared to season 1, Saitama was absent for a large part of season 2. This trend is likely to continue as we see more seasons come out.

Release Date for One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man

With a timeline of release reminiscent of George R. R. Martin's writing of the Game of Thrones novels, Season 2 saw the light of day an entire four years after season 1 came out. Part of the problem came with switching studios mid-production, but even so, it left fans wondering if we were going to get a second season. Luckily, with less concern about the production studio's future, we should be able to look forward to seeing the first episode of season 3 in the fall of 2020. The only thing we have to worry about is if the season will appear at the start or end of the debut season or whether the current world situation may push it all the way to 2021.

Is it Worth the Wait?

If you have to ask this, then you probably haven't seen the first two seasons. Go watch them now and prepare for the fall of this year when season 3 drops!

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