One Of The Most Underrated Horror Films Of All Time Is Officially Getting A Sequel

The underrated 2014 horror film "It Follows" is receiving a sequel, "They Follow," with the original director and lead actress returning, generating excitement among fans.

It Follows Sequel

An underrated horror film from 2014 is set to receive a sequel nearly a decade after its initial release. While most movies tend to have sequels within a few years of their first appearance in theaters, the horror genre sometimes offers surprises. Fans of this particular film had almost given up hope of ever seeing a follow-up, but the good news is that the sequel is in the works, and it may arrive sooner than expected.

The movie in question is "It Follows," which first graced the screen in 2014. In the original, the story revolves around a teenage girl named Jay (played by Maika Monroe) who, after a romantic encounter with her boyfriend, learns that she has become the recipient of a fatal curse that spreads through sexual intercourse, passing from victim to victim. The curse involves a relentless entity that pursues its victims. At first, Jay's friends don't believe her, dismissing her claims as paranoia, but they soon witness the phantom assailants themselves and unite to help her escape or defend herself.

The sequel to "It Follows" is titled "They Follow," and it will see Maika Monroe reprising her role as Jay Height. The director, David Robert Mitchell, who also helmed the original film, is returning to write and direct this new installment. The news of the sequel was officially confirmed by Neon, the film's distributor. They made the announcement on social media, stating, "It's everywhere. THEY FOLLOW. The long-awaited sequel to the modern horror classic IT FOLLOWS from David Robert Mitchell. Coming soon."

They Follow
They Follow

Despite its humble budget of just $1.3 million, the original "It Follows" became a fan favorite and received acclaim from notable figures in the industry. Actor Dave Franco, speaking to Rotten Tomatoes in 2020, placed "It Follows" in his top five horror movies. He praised the film's simple yet brilliant concept and its ability to feel both timeless and modern. Franco was particularly impressed by the film's cinematography, music, and performances, which he described as reminiscent of '80s horror films. He commended David Robert Mitchell for successfully blending nostalgia with a contemporary feel.

Franco also highlighted the significance of the film's opening scene, which, in his opinion, set the tone for the entire movie. This statement underscores the impact of the film's storytelling and cinematic elements.

Neon, the distributor, is actively seeking to sell the distribution rights for "They Follow" at the American Film Market, indicating the studio's commitment to the project. While it's still in the early stages of development, with no specific release date announced, there's excitement among fans of the original and horror enthusiasts who are looking forward to the sequel.

In conclusion, the sequel to "It Follows," titled "They Follow," is officially in the works, with the return of the original director and lead actress. This news has sparked anticipation among fans who appreciated the unique and captivating aspects of the first film. While it may take some time before the sequel hits the big screen, the enthusiasm and interest surrounding "They Follow" are already palpable in the world of horror cinema.