'On My Block' Season 4: Emotional Ending Explained

'On My Block' Season 4: Emotional Ending Explained

The core four prepares for adulthood and bids goodbye in the emotional season finale of 'On My Block.'

After four seasons, Netflix's 'On My Block' finally comes to an emotional end.

Created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft, the series follows four teens in the rough inner-city Los Angeles neighborhood, called Freeridge. 

Throughout the seasons, we see the teens navigate the complexities of high school and gang life. They eventually create a life-long friendship.

The award-winning Netflix teen comedy series dropped its final 10 episodes on October 4, 2021, and it sees the crew ready to face the new chapter of their lives.

Sadly, the core four has to say goodbye to a significant person, just as when they are about to optimistically welcome adulthood.

Here's what happened on the season finale. 

Prom Pressure

Graduation is near, but the Core Four had another equally important event to attend before that-- prom. As prom draws closer, our crew gets more and more engulfed in the pressure that comes with the event. Monse gets upset and heartbroken after Cesar rejects her offer to go to prom with her. She decides to read her mother's book and ends up engrossed in it for days.

Monse discovers more about her mother, who left her for years. She goes to her dad and Brian and tells them what she has learned. Monse declares that she wants them to be a family again, and they agree.

On the other hand, Jamal still believes that someone is following him. He installs cameras in his room and continues to look for a prom date before picking popular girl Charlize.

After seeing a gnome on his windowsill, Jamal goes out to investigate and discovers Chivo. Chivo explains that he is not the one stalking him and that he is only there because Spooky Gnomie "wants to be with him" instead. Jamal walks away.

Prom night finally arrives, and Monse is almost decided not to go. However, she changes her mind at the last minute, after her father tells her she doesn't need a date to have fun. 

Meanwhile, Ruby gets his eyebrows waxed and ends up panicking. While Cesar prepares for the night, Oscar's spirit appears in the mirror and reminds Cesar how to tie a tie. Ceasar cries and tells him he is going to be somebody and make Oscar proud. Oscar tells him that he already has. When he turns around, he sees Spooky Gnomie instead. 

It was such an emotional scene considering how Oscar died in Cesar's arms earlier. 

Oscar dies.

Jamal goes to Abuelita and opens up about his struggles. He says he doesn't know what to do next in his life yet. Abuelita assures him that he will figure it out at the right time.

Ruby, Jasmine, and Monse arrive at the prom and get disappointed that Jamal's big prom theme is "Illuminati Nights." Jamal realizes that Charlize is not that into him. The couples start dancing, but Monse sits by herself. She eventually realizes everyone is dancing with their dates, and she suddenly feels uncomfortably lonely. 

Jasmine tries to cheer Monse in the bathroom and tells her to live her best life. Unexpectedly, Vero walks around asking for a tampon. Monse gives her one, and they both decide to patch things and put everything behind them.

Ruby is declared the new prom king, and his friends celebrate. 

Who Is Stalking Jamal?

After seeing Juanita, Jamal heads outside and notices Kendra staring at him on his way out. Outside, he sees the car that has been following him.

We found out that Noel Aroma, a Fortune 500 tech billionaire, has been watching him. He gives Jamal a job after high school, thanks to Kendra. Jamal accepts the offer.

Monse and Cesar almost share an intimate slow dance, but Vero interrupts them before they can begin. They later talk outside, and Cesar tells her that she sees a future for the first time in his life. He also hopes that Monse will be there with him too. 

Abuelita's Death and The Core Four's Future

After prom, the crew heads back to Ruby's place and discovers a piece of heartbreaking news. Abuelita is dead.

The crew gets together for the last time at her memorial party. They drink tequila and smoke weed in her honor.

A new group of kids peeks into the yard, the same way the crew did at the beginning of the first season. It's a symbolic scene that it is now time to say goodbye to our favorite crew and welcome a new generation of characters.

The crew discusses their plans. Monse says she will be taking a gap year to write a memoir about their adventures. Cesar will go to Portland to help raise his new niece. Ruby says that Abuelita left them a final gift, a map! The crew starts arguing jokingly, just like they used to do during their Rollerworld days, while figuring out who will be the leader this time. The series ends.

'On My Block' season, 4 is the final chapter of the series. Although this is the last time that we will see this Core Four, we will still be returning to Freeridge in the future.

An 'On My Block' spin-off series titled 'Freeridge,' is in the works and will follow a new set of characters.

Check out our preview for 'Freeridge' here.


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