Now You See Me 3 Is Actually Happening; Major Cast To Return

Now You See Me 3 is confirmed with returning stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Morgan Freeman, plus key producers and director Ruben Fleischer.

Now You See Me 3

Exciting news for fans of the Now You See Me franchise! It's official, as reported by Screen Daily, Now You See Me 3 is in the works, and it's time to get pumped up. What's even more thrilling is the return of many familiar faces from the cast and crew, ushering this series into the realm of trilogies.

Returning Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Morgan Freeman

If you've been following the adventures of our second favorite magicians, you'll be delighted to hear that Jesse Eisenberg, known for his roles in "The Social Network" and "Fleishman is in Trouble," will reprise his character. Joining him are two heavyweights of the silver screen: Woody Harrelson from "The Hunger Games" and Morgan Freeman of "The Shawshank Redemption" fame. These three actors bring an impressive amount of critical acclaim and awards, making it a remarkable return for the franchise.

Producers Alex Kurtzman and Bobby Cohen Make a Comeback

Behind the scenes, the producing team of Alex Kurtzman and Bobby Cohen will also be back for Now You See Me 3. Alex Kurtzman is renowned for his work as a writer on projects like the rebooted "Star Trek" film franchise, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," and 2017's "The Mummy," where he took on directing and producing duties as well. On the other hand, Cohen has been involved in productions like "Cowboys & Aliens" and "Definitely, Maybe," apart from his contributions to the first two "Now You See Me" films.

Ruben Fleischer, Director of "Zombieland," Takes the Helm

Heading the creative team for Now You See Me 3 is scriptwriter Michael Lesslie, known for his work on Justin Kurzel's films, "Assassin’s Creed" and "Macbeth." In the director's chair, fans of Ruben Fleischer will be delighted to learn that he's on board. Fleischer has been associated with beloved projects like "Venom," "Uncharted," and the "Zombieland" series. His collaboration with Jesse Eisenberg continues, making this yet another partnership between director and leading man, following their work on the "Zombieland" franchise and "30 Minutes or Less."

Expect a Star-Studded Cast

While specific plot details for Now You See Me 3 are still under wraps, fans can anticipate more thrilling heists, intrigue, and global adventures with the Horsemen embarking on another crime spree. In the past, the series has featured an array of high-profile actors, including Mark Ruffalo, Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan, Michael Caine, and Isla Fisher. While a full ensemble hasn't been officially announced, it's safe to assume that the cast will be another stellar lineup.

A No-Brainer for Fans of the Series

For anyone who has followed the crime films, the decision to move forward with Now You See Me 3 is a no-brainer. The original 2013 movie, directed by Louis Leterrier, captured the hearts of audiences worldwide and grossed nearly $700 million at the global box office. When the second film, directed by John M. Chu of "Crazy Rich Asians," arrived, audiences were ready for more tales from the crew at the center of the story.

Eight Years in the Making

The news of Now You See Me 3 comes eight years after the release of the sequel. While "Now You See Me 2" received mixed reviews from critics, audiences turned out to show their support, a testament to the enduring appeal of the series. As we await more information about the plot, ensemble cast, and other project details, fans can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the magic is indeed in the making.