'No One Gets Out Alive': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

'No One Gets Out Alive': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, And More

A young immigrant makes the deadly mistake of moving into an inescapable haunted boarding house. 'No One Gets Out Alive' is coming to Netflix in September.

A new chilling haunted house horror film based on the award-winning book of the same name by Adam Nevill is coming to Netflix this month.

'No One Gets Out Alive' follows a young immigrant who commits a deadly mistake after renting a room in a boarding house plagued by sinister forces. 

The film is directed by Santiago Menghini and produced by The Imaginarium, the same production company behind another Netflix horror movie, 'The Ritual.' 

Here is everything you need to know about 'No One Gets Out Alive,' including release date, plot, cast, trailer, and more.

'No One Gets Out Alive'

When Will 'No One Gets Out Alive' Release?

'No One Gets Out Alive' will release on Netflix on September 29, 2021. It will be available for streaming for Netflix subscribers worldwide. 

'No One Gets Out Alive'

What Is The Plot Of 'No One Gets Out Alive'?

The horror film follows an immigrant named Ambar, a young woman in search of the American dream. Struggling to make ends meet while living in a foreign country, Ambar gets forced to take a room in an old but enormous boarding house. 

Soon, she starts getting haunted by strange apparitions. The sinister forces grow stronger and stronger as time passes, and Ambar realizes there is no way to leave.

"I know this house is kinda weird, but please don't try to leave. You'll make it worse." 

'No One Gets Out Alive' is based on a book of the same name written by  Adam Nevill. 

Director Santiago Menghini said that the story's uncanny and dark depiction of the world drew him to the film. 

"I was drawn to the film because of the story's peculiar ominous feel and harsh depiction of the world," Menghini said in a statement via Collider. "The story had a distinctive tone that progressively closes in on its heroine and an uncanny mystery at its core that I knew I wanted to capture in the film. It was clear to me it was a film I would have great fun in making and one I had to make."

The director also added that he took inspiration in David Fincher's 'Panic Room' and 'The Haunting of Hill House' in creating the aesthetic for the upcoming Netflix film.  

'No One Gets Out Alive'

Who Is Cast In 'No One Gets Out Alive'?

Cristina Rodlo plays Ambar, the young immigrant who will rent a room in the haunted boarding house. Cristina is a Mexican actress known for her roles in 'Miss Bala' (2019), 'Too Old to Die Young' (2019), and 'The Terror' (2018). 

Joana Borja as Simona, David Figlioli as Becker, Mitchel Mullen as Rilles. Alejandro Akara as Carlos, Jeff Mirza as Motel Manager, Vala Noren as Freja, and Moronke Akinola as Kinsi. 

'No One Gets Out Alive'

Is There An Official Trailer For 'No One Gets Out Alive'?

Yes, there is. Netflix already released the official trailer for 'No One Gets Out Alive'. Get to know Ambar and the rest of the tenants of the sinister house. Take a sneak peek at some of the inexplicable hauntings through the official trailer below. Save the date, 'No One Gets Out Alive' will release on Netflix on September 29.


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