No Game No Life Season 2: Here's Everything We Know So Far

No Game No Life Season 2: Here's Everything We Know So Far

No Game No life season 1 got quite the fanfare but is Madhouse going to produce a season 2? Let's explore!

No Game No Life Renewal Status 

No Game No Life

Currently (04/05/2019), it has neither been confirmed nor denied that the series No Game No Life is receiving a second season. The studio Madhouse or any affiliate production company gave no official information of No Game No Life season 2 but it is obvious that they have not forgotten about the series since their 2018 anime A Place Further Than The Universe had an Easter egg showing a poster of No Game No Life giving us hope for season 2.

No Game No Life Poster in A Place Further Than The Universe 2018 anime

Plus, it’s not like if Madhouse completely stopped working on the project after season 1 because they produced a prequel movie to the series called No Game No Life: Zero which debuted in 2017, three years after the initial release of season 1 in 2014. Madhouse also has no shortage of content when it comes to producing the new season since there are six volumes available for the production of season 2. This is enough to produce 24 episodes which means that they actually have enough content for season 2 and 3.  The last and possibly the most convincing reason to believe a No Game No Life season two will be produced is that Madhouse has produced a season 3 for Overlord even though the sales of the second season of Overlord did worse than the first season of No Game No Life.

Chance of Renewal: 90%

No Game No Life Plot

No Game No Life

The No Game No Life anime follows two step-siblings who find themselves in a new world after challenging a new rival, Tet who turns out to be a god from another reality. Even though the pair are previously undefeated things take a turn for the worse in their new reality as every dispute in the new world is resolved by a dint of a tournament. Games make this new world stay afloat helping to avoid violence and injustice.

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