'Nightbooks' Ending Explained: Did Alex And Yasmin Escape?

'Nightbooks' Ending Explained: Did Alex And Yasmin Escape?

After getting trapped by the witch, Alex and Yasmin find a way to escape her magical apartment, only to find an even darker horror waiting for them.

Netflix is kicking off Halloween early with a horror fantasy film, 'Nightbooks.'

The film follows a young boy who gets lured into a witch's magical apartment. Every night, he must tell the evil witch a scary story to stay alive. 

He teams up with another inmate and comes up with a plan to trick the witch. Did they manage to escape? 

Here's everything that happened in Netflix's 'Nightbooks.'


'Nightbooks' Synopsis And Ending Explained

Alex (Winslow Fegley) is a young boy fascinated with horror stories. However, his fascination with all things dark has led him to become a social outcast. 

His parents are concerned. Alex overhears his parents discussing the situation. He gathers his "Nightbooks" (a notebook that contains all his written horror stories) and decides to burn them.

While on his way down, he gets lured in by the evil witch Natacha (Krysten Ritter) into her magical apartment using lost boys and a piece of pumpkin pie. To remain alive, he must tell her a scary story every single night- and it had better be good, or it would be his last. 

Alex later finds out that he is not alone in the apartment. There is another young girl named Yasmin (Lidya Jewett). Yasmin has been in the apartment for a longer time.

Alex must tell the witch scary stories every night. On his first evening, Alex made the mistake of concluding the story with a happy ending. 

The magical apartment shook, and Alex gets forced to improvise the ending to please the witch and avoid death.

The next day, Yasmin showed Alex the witch's massive library, which contains books that date as far as 1,000 years. The witch's collection includes the original versions of Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Rumplestiltskin, and more.

Alex noticed a few important things. The witch sprays herself a blue mist every night, which Alex thinks keeps her young.

Determined to escape, Alex convinces Yasmin to help him out. However, getting away from the witch is not easy. The only way out of the apartment is through the back door, and only Natacha has a key to it. 

A glimmer of hope appears after Alex discovers written messages in some of the pages of the books in the witch's library. 

The messages are from a former prisoner, who Alex calls the "Unicorn Girl."

In one of the written messages, the Unicorn Girl says she finally has what she needs to escape. 

Yasmin shows Alex the china dolls in the apartment. She revealed that they were former prisoners, and the witch turned them into dolls after disobeying or displeasing her. They realized that the Unicorn Girl was missing. That leads them to the conclusion that she must've successfully escaped.

Alex finds the Unicorn Girl's recipe in the thousand years old fairy tales book. Unfortunately, the Unicorn Girl stated that the recipe smells awful. So, she must find a way to hide the smell or else the witch would know.

The last remaining ingredient is no longer in the book. Alex comes up with a plan to trick the witch into revealing the secret ingredient. 


What Is Alex's Plan To Escape?

Natacha has a habit of correcting Alex's facts whenever he writes and reads her a story. He plans to write a story about a sorcerer who uses a sleeping potion. 

In his story, Alex used the exact recipe from the Unicorn girl and wittingly puts the wrong ingredient for hiding the odor of the potion.

Their plan worked. The witch corrected Alex's story and told them the correct ingredient that hides the smell. 

Alex and Yasmin proceed with crafting the potion. Natacha's invisible cat Lenore helps them slip the potion into Natacha's blue mist. When she passed out, Alex and Yasmin took the key and left through the back door. 

Once out, they realize there is another grave mistake. The children haven't escaped. They are still in the apartment. An evil unicorn suddenly appeared and chased the two. 

They end up in the cottage made of candy from Hansel and Gretel. The children get hypnotized and started eating the house. 

When they wake up, they find themselves captured by Natacha again. They are in the room where the blue mist gets created. 

It turns out that the blue mist does not keep Natacha young as oppose to what Alex thinks.

The mist allows Natacha to gain the powers of the original witch, who is sleeping in the blue glass coffin. 

They also found out that Natacha is the Unicorn Girl. After escaping, she discovered that her parents were gone. So, she returned to the magical apartment and made a plan to take over.

Natacha harvests the blue mist to keep herself powerful, while she tasks Alex to tell scary stories to keep the witch asleep. Natacha does not want Alex to tell happy endings in fear of waking up the witch. 

The house shakes again, and the original witch is about to wake up. Natacha forces Alex to tell the story of why he wanted to burn his "Nightbooks" the night he got lured into the witch's lair. 

Alex reveals how everyone at school thinks he is weird because he is fascinated with horror stories. When his best friend Josh didn't attend his birthday party, Alex decides it's finally time to let go and be "normal." 

At the last minute, Alex decides to give the story a happy ending saying getting captured was the best thing that happened to him. The OG witch growls.

Natacha frantically tries to seal the coffin to keep the OG witch from waking up, but it was futile. The OG witch awakes and she and Natacha fight.

Alex and Yasmin tried to run away with the blue mist. The OG witch easily defeats Natacha and hungrily runs after the two children.

The old witch catches up with the children, but Alex is smart enough to lure her with another story. They shove her into the oven and kill her, just like what happened in the Hansel and Gretel fairytale. 


'Nightbooks' Ending Explained: Did Alex and Yasmin Manage To Escape The Witch? 

Alex and Yasmine had a happy ending. They managed to escape the witch's lair and returned home to their parents. They also brought along Leonore, the invisible cat who was also just as much a prisoner as them. 

Alex also starts writing again while Yasmin pursues her scientific studies. 


'Nightbooks' Ending Explained: Is Natacha Alive?

Yes, Natacha is very much alive. In the final scene of 'Nightbooks,' we saw her hand emerging as she cackles before the screen turns to black. 

Although there is still no confirmation of a sequel as of this writing, the ending leaves it open for a possible follow-up. 

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