Samuel L. Jackson Has Gone Beserk Over Spiderman: Far From Home For Putting Patch on The Wrong Eye

Samuel L. Jackson Has Gone Beserk Over Spiderman: Far From Home For Putting Patch on The Wrong Eye

Recently, it came to light that Samuel L. Jackson took it to Instagram to voice his displeasure about the mishap.

Even though Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark started the journey of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was actually Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury gave the idea of the expansion of the franchise. And all these years later, someone has messed up the iconic eye-patch of Nick Fury! The 'Spiderman: Far From Home' star took it to his Instagram page to let the fans know about his displeasure. He shared a picture of a Reddit post, Jackson points out that the poster has a glaring error. The error being, they have photoshopped his signature eye patch over the wrong eye.


In the shot, two posters are seen on the display and the poster on the right with the blue background has Fury's eyepatch over his left eye and we saw him getting injured on the same eye during the events of 'Captain Marvel'. But the other post has Fury's eyepatch over the character's right eye. 


Keeping the two posters side by side, it is very much evident that an innocent graphic designer simply flipped the file photo they had of Fury to create a more balanced picture, but Nick Fury doesn't care. Speaking to Jackson and Jake Gyllenhaal during an interview with Comicbook, he was asked about his budding relationship with the new Spiderman, Tom Holland. 


He said, "Really, you think I like him? "We're getting there. He's a little frustrating for me right now. I want him to grow up quicker than he's willing to grow up. And I'm doing that parental pressure thing. Like, 'Come on! Either get a job or get out of the house!'" 


The director of the movie, Jon Watts has revealed previously saying the former SHIELD director has always been a goal of his to include in a film and also added that the character was in his first 'Spiderman: Homecoming' pitch to the studios.


He added, "I always wanted to put our idealistic teenage hero Peter Parker against a jaded, world-weary super spy like Nick Fury. I always thought that would be such a great combination of conflict and relationship to explore. That was something that was in my very, very, very first pitch and my very first meeting at Marvel — I was like, ‘I want to see this kid go up against this bad motherf—ker,’ you know? Tony Stark is like the cool, supportive rich uncle. Nick Fury is more like the mean, new stepdad. And I just thought it would be really fun to see those two worlds collide."

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