'Resident Evil' Has One Of The Worst Audience Scores In Netflix History

'Resident Evil' Has One Of The Worst Audience Scores In Netflix History

The aggregate score is a horrid 22% drastically lower than the critic's score of 53%.

Netflix's new Resident Evil seems to have highly disappointed the public. Fairly keeping up with the critics, the show didn't seem to keep up with the general public.


Resident Evil TV series based on the survival horror video game franchise. It is about fourteen-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker and the time they spend in New Raccoon City. As they spend their time there, they realize that the town is more than it seems and their father may be concealing dark secrets that could destroy the world. In the second timeline, people and animals are infected by a deadly virus. Jade, now thirty, struggles to survive in this New World, while being haunted by the secrets from her past about her sister, her father and herself.


Based on the early public responses after only three days of being on the streaming platform, Resident Evil might be one of the lowest-reviewed shows that Netflix has released in quite some time. The show is being talked about, not in a good way on Rotten Tomatoes. Currently, the show boasts a horrid 22% aggregate score, which puts it in a percentile that is rarely seen. By comparison, the responses from critics left the show with a 53% score. In a general sense, it's incredibly rare for audience scores to be drastically lower than that of critics. 


After the release of its gaming version, people had higher expectations of the show. But the Netflix version chose to go a different route as compared to the main story in the video game version which could have upset the audience of the show. However, the way viewers are criticizing Resident Evil currently is not good whatsoever. It can put Resident Evil in the category of some of the worst-reviewed shows ever on Netflix, if the audience score remains the same.

To compare this to other poorly received Netflix shows, Jupiter’s Legacy has a 41% critic score and a 73% audience score. Space Force, the controversial comedy has a 64% critic score and a 77% audience score. Hates Back Off, has a 50% critic score and a 76% audience score, as per Forbes.


Despite being too early to take a stock of the review section,  it seems like a number of fans are quite put off by the series. But as more people come across the series and watch it, this audience score could begin to improve moving forward. 

The audience score as it stands now may also affect Netflix's decision about whether or not to renew the show for another season.






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