Netflix’s Newest Action Thriller Is So Bad It Got 0% On Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix’s Newest Action Thriller Is So Bad It Got 0% On Rotten Tomatoes

How can a movie be so bad that it scores a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes?

I am a huge fan of some of the amazing work produced by Netflix. I recently fell in love with Chris Hemsworth's action film "Extraction" and even felt something when I saw "The Half Of It". But amidst all the masterpieces, there are a few pieces of trash that need to be taken out.

The latest action thriller "The Last Days Of American Crime" is among those pieces of trash --- an expensive piece as well. The film scored a "holy sh!t" score of 0% from 21 critic reviews. This means that 21 professional film critics watched the shore and found that it didn't even deserve one star. WOWZERS!!

And yes, it is true that some films that critics find to be trash can still be good but the audience score didn't prove that to be right for this selection. The audience score currently stands at 23% from 121 reviews.

Okay, so the show is rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. What about the other review sites? On IMDB, the film holds a 3.7/10 from 3036 reviews.

David Ehrlich of IndieWire gave the film a "D–" and said, "[it's] not just because Olivier Megaton's agonizingly dull Netflix feature is 149 minutes long (a crime unto itself). While there's never really a good moment to introduce a bad movie into the world, this hollow and artless dystopian heist dreck is also a victim of its own relevance."

Peter Debruge of Variety called the film "gory, excessive and frequently incoherent"

He wrote: "In light of everything that's going on, The Last Days of American Crime seems woefully out of touch, inadvertently offensive (a brutal fight scene in which Copley chokes Shelby seems oblivious to the legacy of real-world police brutality) and like some sloppy relic of what once passed for entertainment."


Vulture said that the film is "yet another insipidly sleazy, lizard-brain shoot-’em-up that through its very dullness demonstrates how rote such ghastly fare has become in our culture".

The show is based on a graphic novel of the same name by Rick Remender and Greg Tocchini and has quite an interesting plot.

The synopsis reads:

Graham Bricke (Edgar Ramírez), a career criminal who was never able to hit the big score, teams up with famous gangster progeny Kevin Cash (Michael C. Pitt), and black-market hacker Shelby Dupree (Anna Brewster), to commit the heist of the century and the last crime in American history before the signal goes off.


This sounds and looks like a film I would love to see but too bad it just didn't hit the mark.

"The Last Days of American Crime" is now available to stream on Netflix.

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