Netflix's New Horror Sequel Tops The Charts In 80 Nations

Netflix's "Sister Death" sequel excels, ranking in the global top 10 and outperforming a major horror franchise. Quality triumphs over quantity in the supernatural genre.

Sister Death

Netflix's highly anticipated new supernatural sequel "Sister Death" takes up the mantle, ranking among the top 10 in 80 countries. According to data from FlixPatrol, director Paco Plaza's much-awaited sequel to the cult favorite "Verónica" has made a grand entrance as the fourth most-watched movie on Netflix's global charts since its weekend premiere. It swiftly secured its place in the top 10 in 80 different countries.


What's worth noting is the timing of "Sister Death" in relation to Michael Chaves' "The Nun II," which shares a similar premise and serves as a sequel to a previously successful film. "The Nun II" contributed significantly to The Conjuring Universe, the highest-grossing horror franchise in history, adding another $264 million to its already impressive earnings.

However, the significant distinction lies in the critical reception. "Sister Death" boasts a 78 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which surpasses the combined ratings of "The Nun" and "The Nun II." So, if you prioritize quality in your tales of harrowing events and unspeakable horrors within religious institutions, Netflix's "Sister Death" is the go-to option.

Is this the birth of a full-fledged franchise? Only time will reveal that, but based solely on critical acclaim, many would prefer to see Consuelo Trujillo return for a third chilling installment rather than Bonnie Aarons.