Netflix's 'Love in the Villa' Ending Explained: A Dash Of Realism

A romantic drama following the characters Julie and Charlie as they inhabit a double booked Airbnb together. Uncomfortable, they both try to kick each other out of the house.

Cover Image Source: Netflix

Summer was the rom-com season and cap that off, Love in the Villa makes an appearance on Netflix screens. The film follows two characters Charlie (Tom Hopper) and Julie (Kat Graham) as they venture on a trip to Verona. While they reach the place, they realize it was double booked for them. Unwilling to give up their claim on the house, the two pull pranks and create problems for each other so that they move out, ScreenRant reported. 


Julie is a meticulous planner and while she didn’t plan for her boyfriend breaking up with her just before the trip, she still decided to go to Verona. Also romance obsessed, the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet was enough of a motivation anyways. And when she reaches the romantic villa she booked, she finds out there is someone else inhabiting the space she was supposed to be in. Enter Charlie who is equally confused that there is someone walking in unannounced into his private booked villa. Charlie is a businessman, who was here to work. 

Setting this up, the characters launch an all-out conflict now determining who will get the villa at last. Even though they’re warring with each other they finally decide to be civil with each other and even take trips around the city looking at all the romantic spots in the city. The journey that Julie goes on in this film is more metaphorical than physical. She realizes that not accepting her ex’s marriage proposals actually a good idea because she doesn’t have to look for a connection just because she needs to tick something off her list. It will happen as soon as she relinquishes a little control and opens her mind up to new experiences. 

Charlie on the other hand deals with another problem which is being stuck in a job he clearly doesn’t enjoy. He is also tenacious like Julie but his tenacity shines in a job that was not enjoyable for him. He loves the field, he absolutely loathes his job. Julie makes him realize that there is something beyond this repetitive cycle that is more exciting even if it isn’t the best investment. Which is why he decides that he will pull his efforts into building a vineyard. 

Of course, we all wonder whether the two characters get together. Is it even a rom-com if they don’t? Well, they do but there’s a catch to the relationship. Julie is going back to Minneapolis to teach while Charlie hopes to open a vineyard in Tuscany. The characters have decided to approach their relationship by continuing to be in for the long distance. This ending could possibly hint toward a sequel of the film. Love in the Villa 2 (if it does get greenlit) could show us how Charlie and Julie are dealing with the long-distance thing, since it sure cannot get easier, it would be interesting to see them brave that and come out on top.


Love in the Villa is streaming on Netflix.