Netflix's Eden: Everything We Know So Far

Netflix's Eden: Everything We Know So Far

A human baby girl is revived by a pair of farming robots into a world that has never seen anything like her before. Now the challenge is keeping her alive.

Netflix has been spending a lot of time catering to anime audiences. From the adaptation of most of Studio Ghibli's back catalog as well as the development of original titles like Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts, the streaming provider seems to want to become a recognized name in anime. While some of their shows have been instant hits, others have taken a while to get viewers interested. When we first heard about Eden, we thought that it was an exciting premise, but given Netflix's history of taking ideas and putting it into film, we were cautiously optimistic.

Then the streaming giant announced that it was partnering with Yasuhiro Irie (Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, MSG) to bring this tale to life, and we could have spit out our coffee. The final cherry on the anticipation cake was the trailer the studio released late last year. The visuals are slightly reminiscent of Miyazaki, but with cleaner lines and sharper color contrasts. In short, the preview works we've seen is beautiful, making us salivate in expectation about this upcoming series.

The Premise


Eden is set far in the future, way after the extinction of human beings. So far ahead that the robots that now populate the world think that humans are made-up boogeymen designed to frighten children. It is amidst this backdrop that two robots farming the fields outside of the city Eden 3 come across a curiosity. It turns out to be a cryogenic stasis pod, and on opening it, they are presented with a healthy human baby girl. In a world that still mostly thinks she's a myth, the two robots raise Sara the best they can, sidestepping the horrible Zero and his robot footsoldiers along the way. Whether Sara survives to bring back humanity or gets wiped out before she has a chance, only time will tell.

Born From an Old Idea

Eden is one of those series that hasn't gotten that much hype because of how little it shows up on people's radars. It's unique because it's a primarily Netflix-produced anime, and it isn't based on a pre-existing manga. Qubic Pictures are producing the show, and the idea came from an inkling that their CEO and lead producer Justin Leach had first come out of school. Leach says that he shelved the idea to go back to it after he had gotten some experience under his belt. When he heard Netflix looking for original material to turn into new films, he pitched the idea, and they went for it.

A Revolution in Anime Culture

A Human in a Robot's World

Typically, us anime fans hear about releases happening in Japan and realize we have to wait a few months to get them. Here, Netflix plans to release the series worldwide at the same time. This decision also comes on the heels of the revelation that the streaming studio's first-ever Japanese Anime Original isn't staffed wholly by people from Japan. Add to that the fact that the idea is conceptualized directly from Justin Leach's head without the guidance of manga, and you have one bizarre combination of ideas coming together. As of its last update in October 2019, Netflix announced that the series was still being filmed. When it drops, we will be able to see if the streaming giant's gamble on developing and releasing original anime that goes so much against the grain of what watchers are used to will be a success or not.

When Does it Come Out?

As of date, Netflix has been very tightfisted with information, with the only clue from them being that Eden will release sometime in 2020. Until such time, there's a trailer out that you can witness how good the art is for yourself.


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