Netflix Working On Series About Modern Greek and Roman Mythology

Netflix Working On Series About Modern Greek and Roman Mythology

Netflix is working with Charlie Covell on a new series that puts a modern twist on Greek and Roman mythology.

For the geeks who can't get enough of Greek and Roman Mythology, Netflix heard your requests, and now they're bringing Kaos to satisfy your mythology cravings soon!

Kaos is already listed on Netflix's upcoming series. It's landing page description says, "genre-bending series puts a modern twist on Greek and Roman Mythology, exploring themes of gender politics, power, and life in the underworld."

The show will be set in three worlds: the gods, the Earth, and the underworld.

Netflix has not announced a release date nor the official casting behind the series. Although we know that the project is being led by Charlie Covell, the person behind The End of the F***ing World.

Before the announcement of the Mythology series, people across social media have been asking for Netflix to come up with a series about Greek Mythology. Viewers were very delighted to hear that Netflix is working on their wish.

Charlie Covell

In 2018, Netflix announced that they ordered Kaos from creator-writer Charlie Covell. Kaos was described as a darkly comic reimagining of Greek mythology.

In a 2019 interview with RadioTimes, Covell said that Kaos will be on a similar scale with Game of Thrones but with End of the Worldly tone in terms of humor and soundtrack.

“It’s a 10-hour series for Netflix, and hopefully with a kind of Game of Thrones scale -- but tonally it should [feel] End of the World-y, in terms of its humor and its soundtrack and the look of it. One of the big steers for me was the Baz Luhrmann Romeo and Juliet as a look”. Covell said.

Orpheus and Eurydice.

Covell further revealed that they are planning to start the series with the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.
"...the gods are like a massive dysfunctional family it should be funny and dark and sad,” Covell added in the same interview.

Covell is a British screenwriter/actor who recently won Outstanding Newcomer for British Television Writing in the British Screenwriters' Award (2018) for her work on The End of the F***ing World.

All3Media’s Nina Lederman and Brightstar’s Tanya Seghatchian and John Woodward will be producing the show.

Filming is supposed to start June this year and if everything goes smooth, Covell is hoping the show will premiere in 2021. But with the Coronavirus halting productions around the world, further delays might be expected. Nevertheless, fans don't mind the wait. They've been patient enough to express their longing for this kind of series,  a few more months wouldn't kill their excitement. Kaos will be worth it. 

Are you a fan of Greek and Roman Mythology too? Which God can you not wait to see in Kaos?

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