Netflix Tests Shuffle Button To Help Indecisive Viewers

Netflix Tests Shuffle Button To Help Indecisive Viewers

Netflix has a solution for viewers who can't decide which show to watch next.

We've all been guilty of scrolling through thumbnails for a long time before finally picking something to watch on Netflix.

The streaming platform has been home to thousands of titles, making it easy for us to access our favorite show or movie whenever we want.

This is an excellent thing if we already know precisely what to watch, but when we're trying to discover new titles, it could be exhausting.

Netflix is well aware of the choice paralysis grappling its users, and they're working on different ways to alleviate them from this burden.


Netflix is recently testing a Shuffle Button to help viewers who can't decide which show to watch.

This feature will automatically suggest viewers to a new movie or TV show and will provide a little explanation about how it's similar to another title we watched before.

The feature is still being tested, but a few users who have noticed and used the option are very happy with the feature.

One subscriber tweeted: "Shout out to @netflix for the shuffle button. Y'all are really helping my indecisive self out."

While another one said: "Lol Netflix now has a "shuffle" button. This is something I needed that I didn't even know I need."



The Shuffle Button is currently available for Netflix users on Android and Fire TVs. Unfortunately, it isn't rolled out for Apple TV or Amazon Firestick.

A Netflix spokesperson revealed that the button is now in "second round of testing," and the streaming giant could take the feature away any time. Hence, we better take the chance and test the feature out while it still exists.

However, Netflix is focused on gathering feedback, and with the positive response from the audience, there's a great chance that the button will be here to stay.

Netflix spokesperson also reported that they are currently working on different products to help users discover new shows on the platform.

We can't wait to see what other features Netflix will roll out in the future to help viewers get the best of the viewing experience.

The company has come a long way since it started in 1997. It's growing bigger and bigger thanks to its long history of solving people's inconveniences.

Funny fact: The now giant streaming platform was once a pure movie rental company and has evolved so much after countless innovations.

Netflix back in the days.

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