'Keep Breathing' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

If the show does well on the streaming platform, chances are it may get a second season.

Cover Image Source: Netflix

Survival shows have a charm like no other, following the protagonist as they go through difficult situations and brave them all the way through is the best part. Keep Breathing on Netflix is a show exactly like that, following a Manhattan lawyer Liv (Melissa Barrera) who gets stranded in the wilderness of Canada after her private jet loses control and crashes. The show follows her journey through this place and how her past relationships and situation affected her. 


With so much time to think about herself and her family, the plane wreck becomes somewhat of a healing journey for the character informing her future decisions in becoming a mother and being back with her husband. While this is pretty conclusive, many fans are wondering if there could be a second season to this show. According to Express.co.uk, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the show will remain to be a “limited series.” However, the decision will be left open to the viewership, which if skyrockets may influence Netflix to eventually greenlight a second season. 


The second season could focus on her life after coming back from such a traumatic experience, maybe how she deals with normal life after being stuck in a place that requires you to be on high alert. The story concludes with her finding peace in not confronting her mother. Liv realizes that she doesn’t have to see her mother in order to be a good mother herself. Co-creator of the show, Brendan Gall said, “The ending is literal in that she survives. We see her wake up again and take that breath. The ambiguous part, the part up for interpretation, is whether the images of her and Danny going to the hospital are flash forwards or her imagined future when she believes she's dying. Both are valid.” His partner, Martin Gero, confirmed though, “But she survives. She absolutely survives.”

It is entirely possible we see her get into another perilous situation this time with a child. Last time we saw her get into imaginary conversations with a lot of the characters confronting all the hurt and pain they had caused her during this time. Now, for the next season, we could see how her belongings and the crash are connected and whether they are possibly targeted. Even though, it was because of the weather that Liv’s plane crashed, there could be something sinister afoot, putting her in danger like this. It would also be brilliant to see Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) and Liv going through something difficult together, building more connection as they face their fears together. 

Latest Update:

The show's star Melissa Barrera doesn't seem to be too keen on a second season of the show. During an interview with Just For Variety Podcast, she explained that she is quite happy that the show is a limited series. She said:

This was always meant to be a miniseries, a limited series. I don’t know how it would have even continued. You know, like, her journey is that journey in the forest. And, by the end, you know, they found her so that’s it. That’s what—that’s the lesson that she had to learn. I think it’s beautiful and perfect ending.
Some things are meant to be what they’re what they are, and they aren’t meant to be, like, stretched and diluted and just—second seasons that are made that don’t make really any sense and just get made because people like them. I’m a believer in, like, letting things be what they are. And this show is that. And I love it for that. And that’s a big reason why I signed on. And, honestly, when we wrapped I was like, ‘thank God, this is a limited series’, because I don’t know that I would be able to do this again.


Keep Breathing is now streaming on Netflix.