Fans Are Outraged After Netflix Cancels 'The Irregulars' Despite Impressive Ratings

Fans Are Outraged After Netflix Cancels 'The Irregulars' Despite Impressive Ratings

Bea and the rest of the Irregulars are no longer coming back for season 2.

We have bad news for fans of the hit Netflix series, 'The Irregulars.' The show is no longer coming back for season 2.

Netflix canceled the series just after season one, despite receiving generally good reviews, topping the Nielsen chart, and getting into Netflix's top 10 across different territories.

Variety confirmed the unfortunate news, adding that the cancellation comes despite 'The Irregulars' being the number one streaming show the week it debuted. 

It was streamed for about 643 million minutes across all eight episodes, defeating Disney+ 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' with only 628 million minutes streamed at that time. 

As usual, the reason behind the axing is unknown, leaving fans baffled and disappointed.

'The Irregulars' is a fantasy drama series that puts a supernatural spin on the classic Sherlock Holmes detective narrative. 

The Irregulars

It follows a group of teenagers in the streets of Victorian London who are working under Dr. Watson to investigate the inexplicable supernatural phenomena that occur in the area.

Thaddea Graham stars as Bea, the leader of the Irregulars. She was joined by Spike (McKell David), Billy (Jojo Macari), Leopold (Harrison Osterfield), and Bea’s younger sister, Jessie (Darci Shaw). Royce Pierreson played Dr. Watson, and Henry Lloyd-Hughes starred as Sherlock Holmes.

The series showed great potential, and its cancellation clearly hurt fans, resulting in an online outrage.

Few fans questioned Netflix's decision to cancel 'The Irregulars' after the streaming giant recently ordered 'The Hype House,' a reality TV that follows the lives of famous Tik Tokers.

"So @netflix cancelled all the good shows, including The irregulars, which was on of the best shows to come out so far this year. And yet there will the show about the hype house which no one wants…."




Others are just simply sad and are asking Netflix to reconsider its decision.


As far as the plot is concerned, 'The Irregulars' rounded up the show's story pretty well. Bea and the group managed to defeat the Linen Man and sealed the rift, reinstating peace back to the human world. Fans' only consolation is that the show didn't leave them with a major cliffhanger before getting canceled.

'The Irregulars' isn't the only show that Netflix canceled after just one season. Britt Robertson's 'Girlboss' and the comedy show 'Disjointed' starring Kathy Bates also suffered the same fate with the giant streamer's lethal ax.

What do you think about Netflix's move to cancel 'The Irregulars.' Are you a fan of the series too? Share your thoughts. 

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