Netflix Cancels ‘High Seas’ Season 4 Despite Initial Renewal

Netflix Cancels ‘High Seas’ Season 4 Despite Initial Renewal

The streaming giant cancelled the Spanish period drama series despite initially announcing its renewal in 2019.

In a rather heartbreaking twist, Netflix cancels ‘High Seas’ Season 4 after initial renewal.

The period drama show is among the big titles commissioned by Netflix in Spain.  It is produced by Bambú Producciones, the same production behind other shows such as Instinto for Movistar, Enel Corredor de la Muerte, and El Caso Alcasser.

It follows two women aboard a cruise ship, whose lives go awry after a series of murders take place on the boat. High Seas premiered on Netflix on May 24, 2019, and was originally envisioned as a two-season series.

However, the show's popularity helped the series get stretched past its storyline.

In March 2019, Bluper, a Spanish entertainment website, confirms that the show is renewed, not just one, but for two more seasons.

However, Bluper reported that Netflix decided to cancel the show despite already announcing its renewal earlier.

High Seas

The publication further discussed Netflix's fake renewal tactics and how High Seas became one of those shows that suffered from the unfortunate move.

The reason why the streaming giant changed its mind remains unknown. Some people speculated that the decision to ax the show is due to the lack of marketing (a recurring criticism of Netflix). While others think that this may have something to do with the Coronavirus pandemic getting in the way of filming schedules.

But, of course, the reason could also be simply because the streaming platform is no longer interested in investing in the series anymore.

The last season of the ‘High Seas’ aired on August 7, 2020, with only six episodes.

The series had a total of 22 episodes spanning 3 seasons before getting canceled.

As far as the story is concerned, the season finale's ending pretty much tried to tie all the loose ends in haste after the abrupt cancellation.

Albeit, the ending was both tragic and happy. Some characters did not survive, some lovers didn't end up together, others managed to get a happy ending, while some literally drifted apart as the season ended. 

High Seas

At least fans wouldn't feel like they are left hanging with so many questions that will never be answered.

Albeit, there's still a bit of good news.

The production team behind the High Seas has a new contract with Netflix.

Bambú Producciones is working on Jaguar, another period drama series set to release in 2021.

So if you're looking for similar series to binge-watch the next year, then this is something to look forward to.

Are you a fan of High Seas too? How do you feel about the show's cancellation? Let us know in the comment section.

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