'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The 90s anime receives a retelling through a film series. Is a second season still happening?

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Season 2

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' is one of the OG animes that became part of the lives of the 90s kids. The mecha anime brings us to a world where humanity uses giant robots called Evangelions to save the Earth from giant, monstrous creatures called Angels. The story centers around a 14-year-old boy who eventually becomes the best Evangelion pilot. It has been decades since the first season of the anime aired. Although we received new film series in recent years, fans are still wondering if a second season of the anime will happen. Let us find out.

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Season 2

Is 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Renewed For Season 2? 

The first season of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' premiered on October 4, 1995. It consists of 26 episodes, which concluded on March 27, 1996. A movie sequel titled 'Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion' was released on July 19, 1997. An animated film series titled Rebuild of Evangelion released four films from 2007- 2021. The films retell the events of the series with different plot elements and a new ending. 

When it comes to popularity, 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' received substantial popularity among fans. However, it was not as famous as other iconic titles like 'Dragon Ball Z,' 'One Piece' and 'Naruto.' The ending of the anime and the movie seem definite. Hence, it is unlikely for the anime to return for season 2. Perhaps, there will be remakes in the future, but nothing has been announced for now.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

What Is The Plot Of 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'?

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' takes place in 2015, when the world is on the verge of destruction. The members of the Nerv are the remaining hope of the Earth. Nerv is a specialized United Nations agency that uses Evangelions, giant robots capable of fighting and destroying angels that want to destroy the world. Gendou Ikari leads the organization, and he is looking for skilled pilots to operate Evangelions to their full potential. However, only passionate humans can handle these giant machines, and finding these pilots is extremely difficult. None of them expected that 14-year-old Shinji Ikari (son of Gendou) would be the pilot they were looking for. The young boy proves not only proves that he is worthy but that he is also the best pilot out there. The fate of the world now lies in the hands of this young boy.

 'Neon Genesis Evangelion'

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' Characters

Shinji Ikari (voiced by  Megumi Ogata)

Shinji is a 14-years-old boy who eventually becomes the best Evangelion pilot. His father, Gendou Ikari, is the chief of the Nerv. His father abandoned him 11 years ago after his mother died.

Misato Katsuragi (voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi

Misato is the operation director at the NERV. She later got promoted to MAjor. She acts as the field commander of the Evangelion pilots and comes up with battle strategies for the team. Misato has both striking looks and impressive leadership skills. 

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