This Is How Natalie Portman Was Able To Look Six-Foot Tall On The Set Of 'Thor: Love And Thunder'

This Is How Natalie Portman Was Able To Look Six-Foot Tall On The Set Of 'Thor: Love And Thunder'

Portman and Tessa Thompson both revel in the humor of the people working around this solution

Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder is hitting theatres soon and everyone is excited for the fourth installment of the film. Considering the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is filled with trilogies, it is definitely Waititi’s charm that has allowed the studio to extend the universe to the fourth film with some characters making a return in a novel light. Like Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returning to the franchise as Lady Thor. 


However, in the comics, the character is bulked up and around 6ft tall. Portman could build up the bulk for this role and even square out her shoulders enough to wield Mjolnir. But there is no way to magically help her grow tall. Marvel Studios doesn’t shy away from challenges like this though. They’ve built entire waterfalls (circa Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings), shot and added CGI on location (circa Eternals), and handcrafted 300 pieces for a costume (circa Moon Knight). So this was overcome with some ingenuity and building. 


“We’d rehearse the scene, they’d see the path, and then they’d build a path that was like one foot off the ground or whatever, and I would just walk on that,” Portman explained to Variety. On the other Tessa Thompson who plays Valkyrie was having way too much fun with the way, the cast and crew dubbed the contraption a deck. “They would call it a deck, but depending on the accent, sometimes it sounded like something else,” Thompson recalled. “Because we’re all children.” Portman explained how the cast had to work around the deck to act with her, especially Chris Hemsworth


“It was actually one of our running jokes,” Portman said before leaping up from her chair with a grin. She began demonstrating how Hemsworth would contort his body to cross over the deck during shooting without breaking his stride. “Chris would have to …” she said before attempting to take a wide step while keeping her head level. She giggled: “They’d all have to navigate my deck!”


While they did elongate Mighty Thor, she still had to bulk up enough to parallel the kind of physicality Chris Hemsworth was bringing to the set. She worked for 10 months before coming to set and during shooting with her trainer to maintain the muscle mass in a way never seen before. “I definitely got as big as I’ve ever been,” Portman explained. “You realize, ‘Oh, this must be so different, to walk through the world like this.’” The experience gave Portman a glimpse into what the other Marvel superheroes including Chris had to go through. 


“It’s a quite intense and quite disciplined lifestyle to get to that appearance,” she said. “Chris works so, so hard. Just constantly, every time he has a break, he has to be doing some sort of training. … It’s also the eating and saunas and ice baths and sleep, all this stuff to get everything looking right. It’s a full-time job!” 


Catch Dr. Jane Foster’s impeccable muscles and her more impeccable astrophysicist brain in Thor: Love and Thunder out July 8th.

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