Nanbaka Season 3: Renewal Status And Release Date

Nanbaka Season 3: Renewal Status And Release Date

Are you ready for Nanbaka season 3? Well you don't have to look any further as we have everything you need to know.

Nanbaka or Nanbaka - The Numbers is a Japanese manga series that has been adopted as a television anime of the same name. The series is written by Shō Futamata and the illustrations are also done by him. The anime adaptation of the series began airing on October 5, 2016, and continued till March 22, 2017.  

When Nanabaka released in 2016, it became instantly very popular as it is mainly described to be very funny and the entire series is filled with various hilarious scenes. The two seasons of the series have 25 episodes combined. The first season started airing on October 5, 2016, and the second season started airing on in January 2017 and the finale aired in April 2017. It has been two years since the finale of the second season has aired and fans are becoming increasingly impatient in order to find out when they will get a third season. Even though there has been no news for a third season, the rumors about it are growing stronger with each passing day. Here is everything you need to know about the third season of Nanbaka. 

When is the release date of Nanbaka Season 3?


There has been no official release date for the third season and it has also not been officially confirmed if the show is coming back for a third season yet. Even though fans are hopeful for a third season, it is important to keep in mind that there has been no official news about the possibility of a third season nor has there been any news about it yet. 

What is the plot of the series?


The primary story of the show follows four men named Jyugo, Uno, Rock, and Nico. All of them are serving a prison sentence and they are sent to Japan's most secure prison named Nanbaka. It has been fabled that nobody has been able to escape the prison yet because of its high security and like most of the other prisons in Japan, the inmates are split into their own individual groups and all the inmates are numbered. 


Are there any spoilers about the third season?


No potential spoiler about the third season is available at this moment. But, it is rumored that the third season is going to have 12 episodes. But nothing has been confirmed so far, hence it is always advisable to take this information with a pinch of salt. But, keep an eye out for this space as we will update it as soon as something official is announced. 

Is there a trailer yet?


No trailer for the third season is available yet. But if you haven't watched the trailer for the first season, you can watch it above. 

Who are the primary characters of the show?


Jyugo- Known as prisoner number 1315, he is of Japanese descent and also known for his heterochromia. Jyugo's character is described to be cheerful, confident, and mischevious, but he also gets bored easily. He has a soft corner for rock music and is skilled to pick up on the electronic and mechanical rock. His father was also inmate number 610 and is popularly known as the shame of the Nanba prison. 

Uno- Known as prisoner number 1311, he is of British descent and has long blonde hair that is braided. He has an amazing sense of intuition, because of which he is able to place bets where he uses his observational skills, luck, and intuition. Known to be kind and outgoing, but he can also be blunt of needed. His loyalty towards Jyugo is also pretty strong. He holds a deep hatred for Hajime, the prison guard who almost beat Jyugo clode to his death. 

Rock- Better known as 1369, he is of American descent who sports a Mohawk. He also sports long feather earrings and he has the largest built among his fellow cell-mates. Even though he is short-tempered and impulsive, he loves his friends and remains happy for most of the part. 

Nico- Also known as inmate number 1325, he is described to be an effeminate short man who has green hair and is bandaged all over on the right side of the body. When he was younger, he worked as a drug mule and has escaped prison multiple times. 

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