'My Brother, My Sister' Ending Explained

'My Brother, My Sister' Ending Explained

Netflix's Italian family drama film explores the importance of family and forgiveness. What is the family secret that destroyed the family 20 years ago?

No family is perfect, but we have to overcome our differences if we want to attain happiness and peace in life. However, overcoming differences requires honesty and forgiveness.

That is what the Italian Netflix family drama film, 'My Brother, My Sister,' is all about.

'My Brother, My Sister' follows estranged siblings who get forced to live in the same house following their father's death. 

The differences in their lifestyle and the past traumas initially get in the way of their relationship. However, as they confront each other's demons, they realize that family is the greatest gift of all. 

Here is what happened. 

'My Brother, My Sister'

'My Brother, My Sister' Synopsis and Ending Explained

Tesla Costa (Claudia Pandolfi) is preparing for the funeral for her father Giulio in modern-day Rome. Giulio was an astrophysics teacher. He has two children, Tesla and Nikola “Nick” (Alessandro Preziosi), a piano prodigy. 

Nick left the family two decades ago for an unknown reason. When he unexpectedly arrives at the funeral, he speaks strangely about their father. Surprised to see her long-lost brother, Tesla became hysterical. Tesla’s younger daughter, Carolina (Ludovica Martino), tries to calm her anxious mother down while her Schizophrenic son, Sebastiano, talks to Nick. Tesla leaves her family to ease down her panic attack. 

Tesla wants Nick to leave immediately. She does not want him to know about her son's illness. Federico, the family lawyer, arrives and reads Giulio’s last will. He tells the family that their late father left them joint custody of their apartment. Giulio wants them to stay in the apartment for at least a year. 

Tesla and her brother do not have the best sibling relationship. She cannot stand the thought of having to live with her brother in the same house for a long time. Federico informs them that they are not legally bound to follow their father's last wish. They can choose to sell the house if they want.

However, Tesla and Nick agree to honor their father's last wish. 

The result is ultimate chaos. Nick continues to live a bohemian lifestyle, while Tesla follows a strict routine for Sebastiano’s mental health. Carolina was unable to bear the pressure. She leaves the house and stays at her friend Emma's place. She ignores her mother and spends time in the “camper van” left by her grandfather. 

'My Brother, My Sister'

The Family Secret: Why Did Nikola Leave His Home 20 Years Ago?

20 years ago, Nick just packed his bags and left without an explanation. Tesla hated him for leaving. For two decades, they never heard from him. He did not bother to check on his father and sister. Tesla struggled to take care of the family and spent her entire life with them. Still, it was not enough.

For years, Tesla lived a life full of disappointments. Her husband, Paolo, left her eight years ago to marry another woman. Her daughter, Carolina, longed for a father and tried to reach out to her uncle Nick. He never replied. 

A few years later, her son Sebastiano was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Tesla had to look after him and was never able to move on with her life. She blames Nick for leaving her alone to carry all the burden of family responsibilities. 

After her father's death, the two finally had the chance to reunite and talk about their differences. Tesla confronts Nick and asks him why he left 20 years ago. Nick revealed that he found his fiance Giada in bed with another man. It spiraled him into depression, but that was not the entire story. 

Federico handed Carolina a letter. There, Giulio revealed the money he owed to Nick and wrote a shocking confession. The man that Nick saw with Giada was their father, Giulio. That explains why Giada visited Giulio’s funeral because the two used to have a relationship with each other. 

After discovering the truth, Tesla forgives Nick. She now understands why he left and how he tries to protect his father and the family's reputation. 

'My Brother, My Sister'

‘My Brother, My Sister’ Ending Explained: What Happens To The Family In The End?

Sebastiano created an imaginary friend named Kevin. Kevin invites him to Mars. Sebastiano wants to escape to Mars with his classical music, thinking there is not enough love and music on Earth. His condition likely got developed due to the absence of his father. 

With Nick around the house, this void slowly gets filled. Sebastiano became better. He starts playing his violoncello and goes to the beach with his uncle Nick. On the beach, Sebastiano saw his teacher Emma and his uncle Nick. 

Seb was in love with Emma and thought his uncle was trying to steal her away from him. Seb panicked, and Tesla blamed her brother for the episode. Angry, she asks him to leave the house. 

Seb was devastated, but he decided to continue performing at his concert. But as soon as he sees the large crowd, he starts becoming anxious again. He ran away and got hit by a car. 

At the hospital, Tesla and Nick reconciled their relationship and supported each other. Seb awakes and tells his family to make significant life changes. He asks his mother, Tesla, to start living her life. That emotional scene made us think that Seb would die, but he managed to survive. 

In the end, the dysfunctional family finally fixed their differences. They spread Giulio’s ashes near the beach. Sebastiano made incredible progress. He once told his imaginary friend that he was afraid of water. However, during the final scene, we saw him walk straight into it. The film ends with the family embracing each other on the beach. 

‘My Brother, My Sister’ reminds us of the importance of forgiveness and sticking together as a family. No family is perfect, but if we continue to carry hatred in our hearts, we will only live a darker and lonelier life ahead. It is much easier to overcome trials with your family on your side. 

'My Brother, My Sister' is an Italian Family Drama Netflix Original film directed and written by Roberto Capucci. It was released on Netflix on October 8, 2021. 

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