Disney+ Marvel's 'Ms. Marvel' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Disney+ Marvel's 'Ms. Marvel' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Kamala Khan has resonated with countless fans on the internet, gaining a dedicated fandom celebrating her religious and cultural identity.

Ms. Marvel has become one of the highest-rated Disney+ Marvel original shows. Iman Vellani who plays the eponymous superhero, speaking to Trevor Noah, said how people used a lot of ‘actuallys’ for the show saying, “This show is actually good.”, “Actually, this show isn’t that bad.” And if that wasn’t enough, her appearance in The Marvels will definitely win over some more fans. While the movie is coming out on July 28, 2023, fans can’t wait to get more of Kamala Khan and are rallying for a second season.


Ms. Marvel follows Kamala Khan who sneaks out to the first ever Avenger-con where she gets her powers and effectively establishes herself as a powered individual. Grappling with responsibilities, friendships, and identity, the story of Kamala progresses to show how a teenager who looked up to superheroes her whole life becomes one herself. While Carol Danvers didn’t have eager parents, boy troubles and college decisions on her head, Ms. Marvel has to deal with all of them. A unique contemporary of Spider-Man, she made her mark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as one of the most relatable characters. 


Will There Be A Ms. Marvel Season 2?

Disney+ hasn’t yet made a confirmation for the future of Kamala Khan beyond The Marvels. While the film may not be her last appearance, it is unclear what her dynamic in the MCU will be like post The Marvels. Unlike Loki that ended with a clear confirmation for a second season, Ms. Marvel has had a subtler indication that there may be more seasons because Disney+ referred to the last episode in the season as a ‘Season Finale’ and not a ‘Series Finale.’


What Will Be The Plot Of Ms. Marvel Season 2?

Kamala Khan has been finally introduced as a mutant and that leaves creator Bisha K. Ali with some major potential to explore her powers and what that means for the MCU. With the introduction of Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there may even be introductions of other mutants (Deadpool, perhaps?). 

Additionally, with The Marvels, there may be some insane character development that can completely change the trajectory of where the character goes. After the post-credit scene showing Kamala’s bangle glowing and disappearing, the experiences she would be facing may allow the story to take a whole new direction.


Who Will Be Cast In Ms. Marvel Season 2?

Iman Vellani would obviously be reprising her role as Kamala Khan. We can expect Matt Lintz (Bruno Carrelli), Yasmeen Fletcher (Nakia Bahadir), Zenobia Shroff (Muneeba Khan), Mohan Kapur (Yusuf Khan), Sagar Shaikh (Aamir Khan) and Laurel Marsden (Zoe Zimmer) to reprise their roles in the next season.

Additionally, if Kamala finds her way back to Pakistan or her friends from the subcontinent travel to the United States, we may also see what Rish Shah (Kamran) and Aramis Knight (Kareem) get up to. 


When Will Ms. Marvel Season 2 Be Released?

Well, Disney+ has a hyper-planned schedule for Marvel and its other subsidiaries. But if Ms. Marvel were getting a second season, it would definitely be a follow-up to The Marvels. However, with the current appearance of Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con (Hall H Panel), Kevin Feige has already slated out the projects up till 2025. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely that a second season will be coming by then. Although, fans definitely have the power to passively bully Feige into greenlighting a new season for Ms. Marvel. Fingers crossed!


Ms. Marvel is currently streaming on Disney+.

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