Ms. Marvel Premieres As The Least Watched Disney+ Marvel Live-Action Series

Ms. Marvel Premieres As The Least Watched Disney+ Marvel Live-Action Series

It may not entirely be the fault of the show itself.

Ms. Marvel is the newest Marvel Studios original series. It premiered on Wednesday 8th of June and introduces us to Kamala Khan. She is a Muslim American teen living in Jersey City. She idolizes Captain Marvel, and when she gets superpowers of her own she decides to call herself Ms. Marvel.

The first episode was viewed by 775k US households within the first five days. This makes Ms. Marvel the least-watched Marvel premiere on Disney+ so far.

Ms. Marvel debuts to 775 k households

In comparison, Loki opened to 2.5 million US households and Moon Knight opened to 1.8 million US households. These are definitely some big shoes to follow for the young Muslim-American superhero.

Marvel Premiere Viewership

However, Ms. Marvel did beat the other superheroes among the Generation Z audience, aged between 20-24. The show was seen by more Gen Z viewers than any other of the Marvel series.

Even though Ms. Marvel did not top the charts in the US, it may have been able to dominate the international market, though no data has been revealed. Ms. Marvel premiered on the same day that Disney+ launched across the Middle East and North Africa.

Ms. Marvel's lack of viewership may not necessarily be the fault of the show itself. It could be the fault of Disney+ as the streaming platform premiered Ms. Marvel on the same day as a new episode of “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Most non-Gen Z audiences may have been preoccupied with the new Star Wars: Ob-Wan Kenobi episode. This division of viewership may be what's to bla

Are you watching Ms. Marvel? Are you enjoying it?

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