'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

This is a live-update article and it will be updated as new details about Moriarty the Patriot Season 3 come our way. This is what we know so far.

Moriarty the Patriot Season 3

"Moriarty the Patriot" is a popular anime based on the manga series created by Ryousuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi. The anime takes place in Victorian England and tells a complex story of mystery, adventure, and romance. The plot centers around Moriarty, an antihero who seeks to bring about radical change, and his rival, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The first season of the show premiered in late 2020, and fans have been eagerly following it since. With the conclusion of season two, viewers are left wondering what the future holds for their favorite characters.

Is "Moriarty the Patriot" Season 3 Happening?

The second season of the show ended in June 2021, leaving fans eagerly waiting for more. Although there has been no official announcement regarding the release of a third season, the manga adaptation, titled 'The Final Problem,' hints at the possibility of more episodes. In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original 'Sherlock Holmes' stories, Holmes and Moriarty had a dramatic confrontation at Reichenbach Falls, leading to a temporary end of Holmes' tales. However, public demand brought the detective back in later stories. Following in Doyle's footsteps, the manga creators, Takeuchi and Miyoshi, continue the story, bringing new life to both Moriarty and Holmes. With new chapters in the works, the prospect of a third season seems promising, potentially arriving in 2024, depending on the manga's progress and the series' popularity.

What to Expect in "Moriarty the Patriot" Season 3

The season two finale left fans with a dramatic scene atop London's Tower Bridge, leading to a cliffhanger with Moriarty and Holmes plunging into the Thames. Their story, however, doesn't end there. The coming season might adapt the 'The Adventure of the Empty Hearts' arc from the manga, introducing new dimensions to the tale.

The next chapter may see changes within MI6, led by Louis, and the introduction of new characters like Billy the Kid. The storyline could explore complex themes involving Ronald Adair and a mysterious submarine blueprint. There's even speculation that Moriarty and Holmes might find themselves adventuring in America.


As we await official news on "Moriarty the Patriot" Season 3, the potential plotlines and character developments promise to add thrilling new layers to this already intricate story. Fans can only speculate for now, but one thing is certain: the saga of Moriarty and Holmes continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its blend of historical intrigue and imaginative storytelling. Stay tuned for more updates on this enthralling series!