'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Moriarty still has a long way to reform the system.

'Moriarty the Patriot' is a mystery crime anime series. The series is an adaptation of Ryōsuke Takeuchi and Hikaru Miyoshi's manga series of the same name.

The first installment of the series produced by Production IG animation studio under the direction of Kazuya Nomura originally ran from October 2020 to June 2021 on Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS with 26 episodes and 2 special OVA episodes. The anime was licensed by Muse Communication in Southeast Asia and South Asia, which was transferred on its Muse Asia YouTube channel.

'Moriarty the Patriot' gained impressive popularity and love from the viewers. It has a score of 8.1 out of 10 based on the 1,524 users voting on IMDb. On My Anime List, it got 8.33. Fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. Can fans expect Season 2 of 'Moriarty the Patriot'? Let us find out.

'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2

When Will' Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2 Release?

As of this writing, there is no announcement about the series renewal of 'Moriarty the Patriot' for Season 2. But seeing the popularity and demand from viewers, there is a possibility that the creators will not hesitate to renew the anime for another season. If that happens, we will make sure to update this space to reflect that information.


What Is The Plot For 'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2?

The anime takes place in the 19th Century dystopia in, Great Britain. There is a disparity between the upper and working class. The system favors the rich and gives no value to the poor.

William James Moriarty is the second son of the Moriarty household. He is a regular noble and works as a consultant for the common folk to help them solve their problems. William is aware of the unfair system that dominates the Briitish society. He and his brothers Albert and Louis embark on a mission to change the world and destroy this system, even if it requires some blood to get spilled.

In the finale of Season 1 Part 2, we saw William jump off Tower Bridge with Holmes jumping in after him. The two survived the fall.

We expect that season 2 will show how the two survived the fall and what led them to this new chase. The new season will likely see the American Government intervening and employing Holmes in a covert task, while Moran loses the plot after Moriarty's disappearance.

'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2

Who Is Cast In 'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2?

The first 11 episodes of the English dubbed version were released on the 15th of August 2021. If the anime returns for season 2, the following cast will likely return. Here is the cast for English Dub:

Aaron Dismuke as William James Moriarty
Chris Guerrero as Albert James Moriarty
Howard Wang as Louis James Moriarty
Theo Devaney as Sherlock Holmes
Christopher Wehkamp as Sebastian Moran
Caleb Yen as Fred (Porlock)
David Matranga as Inspector George Lestrade
Chris Guerrero as Albert (Young)
Barry Yandell as Earl of Argleton
Ryan Colt Levy as Dr. John H. Watson
Suzie Yeung as Miss Hudson
J. Michael Tatum as Mycroft Holmes
Nicole Hodges as Countess Moriarty
Robert McCollum as Earl Moriarty
Anthony DiMascio as Eden
Matt Shipman as El
Phil Parsons as Richard
Kevin Thelwell as Roddy
Gregory Lush as Simon
Laura Stahl as Louis (Young)
Alexis Tipton as Madame Penieres
Anthony Skordi as Narrator
Emily Neves as William (Young)
Luci Christian as William (Real)

'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2?

There is no trailer yet for 'Moriarty the Patriot' Season 2, but you can watch the whole episode with English subtitles of 'Moriarty the Patriot'
on Muse Asia's official YouTube Channel. Here is the season 1 trailer in the meantime. Do you wish to see 'Moriarty the Patriot' return for another season?


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