Money Heist Theory: Alicia Sierra And Tatiana Are The Same Person

Money Heist Theory: Alicia Sierra And Tatiana Are The Same Person

Here's why fans believe that Alicia and Tatiana are the same person.

If you've seen Money Heist season 3, chances are you've also seen the uncanny resemblance between Berlin's (Pedro Alonso) ex-wife Tatiana (Diana Gómez) and police investigator Alice Sierra (Najwa Nimri). 

The two sport the same hair color. They both wear bangs. They have similar facial structures, and they radiate an energy that led fans to theorize they are the same person!

Both characters are introduced on Money Heist season 3, where The Professor and his team try to rob the gold reserve from the Bank of Spain. Alicia Sierra is the tough police investigator who's also tasked to negotiate with the heist team. Tatiana appears in flashbacks years ago, while Berlin and The Professor (Álvaro Morte) are still meticulously planning the heist. 

Alicia-Money Heist

Aside from the striking resemblance, Alicia is also always at pace, if not one step ahead of the professor. She even managed to fool The Professor by staging Racquel's (Itziar Ituño ) fake execution that led the professor to lose focus while his team struggles to keep up with the heist.

This could either be because of Alicia's incredible intelligence, or because she already had inside knowledge about the heist while she was still married to Berlin.

Unlike Tatiana, who radiates young and happy aura, Alicia is a mature, cunning, and ruthless woman who isn't scared of breaking a few laws in the handbook just to get what she wants. She and The Professor are at par in the heist's real-life game of chess. Albeit, people, think that Alicia's interest in the heist goes deeper than her oath of duty.

Of course, this theory had huge holes. Aside from the fact that different actresses play Alicia and Tatiana, Alicia also looks older for the timeline. The professor and even Berlin's best friend slash secret lover Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna ), who appeared in the flashbacks together with Tatiana, didn't seem to age as much.

Money Heist (Part 4)

We also know how The Professor is very keen on the slightest details of the plan. It would be impossible for him not to recognize Alicia and throw away the entire plan he and Berlin developed.

This, however, doesn't make it impossible for Tatiana and Alicia to be connected in some other ways. Tatiana's character has seen a significant build-up on season 3, and we don't think they're just doing that for nothing. Money Heist is also known for creating crazy and unexpected plot twists. Remember when we found out that The Professor and Berlin are brothers? Right now, everything is possible.

Season 4 ended with Alicia holding The Professor at gunpoint. Things have turned upside down, and the police are now out for her arrest too. Will she join the heist team? We can't wait for season 5 to give us the answers!  

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