'Money Heist' Part 5 Volume 1: Ending Explained

'Money Heist' Part 5 Volume 1: Ending Explained

The heist is about to end, but not everyone is coming out alive.

The first five episodes of 'Money Heist' Part 5 finally dropped on Netflix on Friday, and it brought some heartbreaking tragedies fans will have a hard time getting over. 

'Money Heist' Part 5 volume 1 opens with the ongoing heist at the Bank of Spain.

Alicia found Professor's hideout and bounds him. Luckily, Lisbon managed to sneak back to the bank in the previous season. She temporarily assumes leadership while Alicia restricts the Professor.

Alicia had a change of heart when she suddenly gives birth with the Professor's help. Babies always bring joy, Lisbon says. Unknown to them, the happiness will get cut short as death is also just around the corner, waiting to snatch another life. In this case, that life is from Tokyo.

Here is a detailed breakdown of some of the most significant moments in 'Money Heist' Part 5 Volume 1.


Tokyo's Tragic Death: How Did Tokyo Die?

The midseason finale of Part 5 brought us an unexpected and unforgettable tragedy. Tokyo dies after sacrificing herself during the battle with Gandia, Sagasta, and the rest of the military unit. 

Tokyo, Denver, and Manila are trapped in the Bank of Spain’s kitchen. They used a flipped heavy-duty stove countertop to take cover against the heavily armed military. The metal gives them good protection and allows them to fire back at their enemies.

Disadvantaged, Sagasta finds a way to infiltrate the kitchen by making a new entry point via the pantry.

Tokyo shoots the leg of two of Sagasta’s squad trying to break into the wall. The shooting alerted Sagasta of their location, and he commanded the snipers to focus fire on the area.

Denver manages to take cover, but Tokyo gets shot several times.

Tokyo was heavily injured, but her bulletproof vest protected her vital organs and kept her alive. Stockholm informs Denver that the only way out of the kitchen is through a catering lift shaft where they must slowly lower themselves down cables for six whole floors. But with her injuries, Tokyo can no longer do this.

Tokyo tells Denver and Manila to go on without her and prepare soft items at the bottom so she can jump down.

Rio manages to create a hole just right next to where Tokyo is hiding, but it was too small for Tokyo to pass through. The two held hands through the hole while the military continues to advance for attack.

The military detonates their explosives and gets into the kitchen. Tokyo realizes her impending death. She bids Rio a tearful goodbye. Rio tells her that he will open the gap so she could escape. But Tokyo just smiles at him while holding his hand. 

"Rio, there's no time."

"No, don't say that. And don't smile like that," Rio said between tears.

"I'm just really glad that you're here."

Tokyo says goodbye to Rio.

Tokyo kissed Rio's hand for the last time and returns to her position. She's holding the gun, preparing to fire at the military once they show up. She tells Rio about the time when they first danced together in their safe house in Toledo before their first heist. In an earlier conversation with Nairobi, she tells Tokyo that she believes that after death people are trapped with the last memory they think about. Tokyo wants to remember her blissful moments with Rio when her death comes.

The military eventually cornered Tokyo and fires at her. Denver and Manila made it down the shaft and prepared cushions so Tokyo could jump down. The Professor tells Tokyo to jump, but Tokyo disobeys him. Tokyo tells the Professor it's now her time to be his guardian angel.

Countless bullets riddled through Tokyo's fragile body. Tokyo falls and lies motionless on the floor. But she is making sure she is not going down alone.

Gandia flips Tokyo's wounded body with his boot. He discovers that she managed to unpin the four grenades strapped in her chest.

Tokyo's final moments.

Tokyo smiles mockingly at Gandia. She has outsmarted him again, even in her final moments. 

Upon realizing what Tokyo has done, Gandia shouts to warn others to get back. But he was too late. The grenades detonated, killing Tokyo and presumably Gandia and the rest of the military squad too.

Tokyo has been the narrator of the series since the beginning. So, people have always assumed that she will survive until the end. Sadly, we are all wrong. 'Money Heist' has earned a reputation for taking away the characters we learned to love, from Berlin to Moscow, to Nairobi, to Oslo, and now, Tokyo. We still do not know who will take over the narration now that Tokyo is gone.

Alicia and Professor

Alicia's Fate: Is Alicia Joining The Heist Team?

Before Part 5 arrived, we already assumed that Alicia is going to form some sort of allegiance with the Professor and the heist team. We were right.

Persecuted by the government, Alicia tracks down the Professor in his hideout. She forces him to spill all his plans, hoping that she could get back to her position by stopping the heist and turning the Professor and his cohorts in.

However, she goes into labor. Alicia finds out that her baby is breech and she had no choice but to free the Professor and the others. The professor helped her give birth to a beautiful daughter, which she later named Victoria.

He strikes a deal with Tamayo to clear Alicia's name. The agreement will give Alicia the chance to return to the side of the law. After she gives birth, she goes to the bathroom and finds a sharp toolkit. She hides the object under her sleeve. We wouldn't be surprised if Alicia turns her back on the Professor again. However, when that happens, we know he will figure out a new plan to deal with problems when they arise. 


Who Is Rafael? 

The new season introduced a new character, Rafael. Throughout the episodes, we see Rafael and Berlin through flashbacks. Berlin manipulated Rafael into a heist and taught him some unconventional life lessons. We still do not know the significance of Rafael's introduction. But the way his character is built tells us that he will have an integral part in the remaining five episodes of the show.

The second volume of 'Money Heist' Part 5 will release on Friday 3rd December 2021.

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