'Modern Love' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

'Modern Love' Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

There are still plenty of 'Modern Love' stories left to be explored.

Amazon’s 'Modern Love' is all about love and relationships in the present day. Like with the first season, another eight episodes of 'Modern Love' are now available for season 2. The episodes delve into several different love stories of ordinary people of New York.

Created by renowned director John Caney, the 'Modern Love' anthology is inspired by stories from a weekly column with the same name in The New York Times that has been running for over 17 years.

Not all love stories are happy ones, no matter what form that love takes, and this series keeps things real, which is why viewers were hoping for 'Modern Love' Season 3 to happen.

Here’s what we know so far about the potential third season of 'Modern Love' Season 3.

Will There Be 'Modern Love' Season 3?

Amazon has not yet announced an official renewal for season 3. But we are hopeful about this.

'Modern Love' continues to be one of the most adored romantic anthology series due to its moving take on real-life modern love stories and the challenges that come with modern dating.

Plus, its star-studded cast list usually brings the crowd in.

When Will 'Modern Love' Season 3 Release?

There is no release date just yet because there is no official renewal confirmed.

The first season of the series 'Modern Love' aired in mid-October 2019, which means filming must have taken place in early 2019. And season 2 began during the premiere of season 1, which led to the release on 13th August 2021. If Amazon chooses to renew the series before the year ends, fans of the show can expect the filming to begin in summer 2022 and premiere in summer 2023.

We will keep you posted with updates.

What Is The Plot Of 'Modern Love' Season 3?

The plot for season 3 is still under wraps since the makers are still waiting for Amazon's approval for renewal.

'Modern Love' is an anthology series that features different romantic stories in each episode.

Aside from romance, the show also tackles real-life stories of heartbreaks and struggles from actual people.

One of the most memorable episodes of the show is Anne Hathaway's episode depicting the struggles of dating as a bipolar woman.

If season 3 gets the green light, the series will likely follow the same format. Each episode runs for 30-minutes, and the makers may take up more unexplored stories from the New York Times column.

The great thing is there are many stories to be explored. The column has been going on for almost two decades now. Hence, the show will never run out of inspiration. 

Who Is Cast In 'Modern Love'?

We are still waiting for the renewal from Amazon for 'Modern Love' season 3.

Every episode has a new collection of cast members, and there have been different actors for each episode throughout the first two seasons.

The show boasts A-list stars for each episode. The second season cast includes:

Lucy Boynton as Paula
Gbenga Akinnagbe as Jordan
Minnie Driver as Stephanie Curran
Kit Harington as Michael in Stranger on Dublin Train
Tom Burke as Michael in On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down
Tobias Menzies as Van
Anna Paquin as Isabelle
Sophie Okonedo as Elizabeth Cannon

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Modern Love'?

Trailers often release around a month before a new season's release. Without a renewal for season 3 yet, it's hard to predict when the trailer might release.

Don't worry. We will keep an eye on future updates.

For now, you can watch the trailer for 'Modern Love' Season 2 below.

'Modern Love' season 2 was released by Amazon Prime Video on 15th July 2021.


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