Mission: Impossible TV Series in the Works with Tom Cruise as Producer

Tom Cruise surprises by producing Mission: Impossible series for Paramount+. His shift towards streaming hints at franchise evolution. Potential reboot or new lead role speculation ensues.

Mission Impossible TV Series In The Works

In an unexpected turn of events, it seems that Maverick himself is venturing into new territories when it comes to his long-standing collaboration with a well-known studio. Reliable sources have just revealed an exciting update: a Mission: Impossible series is officially in development for Paramount+, and to top it off, Tom Cruise has taken on the role of producer. This intriguing move marks a significant shift in Cruise's stance on streaming projects, a departure from his previous stance.

Yes, you read that right – a reliable and trustworthy scoop confirms that a Mission: Impossible series is currently in the works for Paramount+, with none other than Tom Cruise on board as a producer.

While the finer details are still under wraps, there's no confirmation of Cruise's appearance in the series itself. Instead, he will be stepping into the role of producer. Given the upcoming release of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part Two, slated for next year, which is rumored to be Cruise's final portrayal of Ethan Hunt, and Cruise's preference for the big screen over the small, it's doubtful that he'll be in front of the camera for this series.

The burning question remains: Is this series a reboot of the beloved franchise, a continuation with a new actor taking on the mantle of Ethan Hunt, or a completely fresh take with a new lead character altogether?

As for the sudden change of heart that led Cruise to embrace the idea of a Mission: Impossible TV show, we can only speculate. Perhaps it's a gesture on Cruise's part, considering the lukewarm response to the latest Mission: Impossible movie.

Interestingly, a return to television seems like a fitting move for Mission: Impossible, considering its inception as a TV series back in 1966, well before Tom Cruise's film debut in 1981's Endless Love. The original CBS series featured Steven Hill as the initial protagonist, Dan Briggs, though he was later succeeded by Peter Graves as James Phelps in the second season. Graves held the lead role until the series concluded in 1973, and he also took the helm for the show's revival in the late '80s.

Tom Cruise's Change of Tune with Paramount

In light of Mission: Impossible's television origins, Tom Cruise's willingness to explore a new TV series venture is intriguing, to say the least. Contrary to earlier reports, Cruise's reservations about streaming content extend beyond his refusal to release Top Gun: Maverick on streaming platforms during the peak of the pandemic.

Last year, The Hollywood Reporter shed light on a clash between Cruise and Paramount over a range of issues. The primary reason for their scuffle centered around a budget increase to accommodate an extensive submarine sequence in this year's Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part One, but there were other points of disagreement as well.

Paramount had reportedly approached Cruise seeking approval for the development of two streaming TV series: one based on his 1990 racing film, Days of Thunder, and another centered around Mission: Impossible. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise, the star of Top Gun: Maverick, turned down both propositions.

Although the identity of the source was undisclosed at the time, Brian Robbins, CEO of Paramount Pictures, confirmed at least part of the story in a July interview with Variety.

As for Cruise's change of heart regarding a Mission: Impossible series, we can only speculate. It's possible that it stems from a concession on Cruise's part, possibly influenced by the less-than-stellar performance of the most recent Mission: Impossible installment.

Rest assured, as more details emerge about the forthcoming Mission: Impossible series, we'll keep you in the loop. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!