Mirren Mack: 9 Facts About 'The Witcher: Blood Origin' Antagonist

Princess Merwyn played by Mirren Mack has quickly gained popularity after The Witcher: Blood Origin aired, here are some facts about her.


The Witcher: Blood Origin introduces a huge cast of fresh characters into Netflix's Witcher Universe. One of the central characters Princess Merwyn is played by Mirren Mack. She has stepped into the world of showbiz from a very young age. So let's dig into some amusing facts about the young actress.

She is a beauty with a Brain


Mirren went to Riverside primary school and then Wallace High school in Stirling. Mack attended the Dance school of Scotland Musical Theatre until she auditioned for the Guidhall School of Music and Drama, from where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in acting. 

She was in Sex Education


Mack made her debut in a production of Bat Boy as Mayor Maggie. Then she went on to play Florence, appearing in three episodes of the Netflix series Sex Education. 

She is from Scotland

The actress was born in Stirling, Scotland.

She's Appeared in Many Shows


She appeared in the shows, The Nest, Dalgliesh, Portrait of the Year, The Painter & The Poet, and also Blood Rites.

She doesn't have an Instagram.

Unlike most stars of today's time, she doesn't have an Instagram handle yet. It's possible that she likes keeping her life away from the public eye. She doesn't appear to have any other social media as well. Sadly for us fans we can't follow her anywhere.

She was Pretty Awkward Shooting Her first intimate scene on The Witcher: Blood Origin.

“We were really lucky that we had the intimacy coordinator. It felt more like a dance – I felt like I knew every single move that was coming.
“So it was quite comfortable, which I didn’t really expect it to be. I had a really easy time getting slightly undressed; everybody on set made it really feel really safe and comfortable and warm,” she said in an interview. 

She is a Fitness Freak


Maintaining her body is her number 1 priority, and she follows a very healthy diet and keeps herself in a proper routine. She is also into working out long hours. 

Her Net worth is  USD $1 Million approx.

The actress is still under review; hence the correct numbers are not yet available. but the general guess says that her net worth is around USD $1 Million

She Loves Cooking and Singing

In an interview, Mack revealed that she loves to sing and enjoys cooking food for herself and her loved ones all when she is not shooting.