'Midnight In The Switchgrass': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

'Midnight In The Switchgrass': Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More

Megan Fox, and Bruce Willis star as FBI agents on the trail of a serial killer.

Fans of hard-boiled crime stories will have something to look forward to as 'Midnight In The Switchgrass' releases this July. 

The crime thriller follows two FBI agents and a Texas Ranger trying to stop one of the most notorious serial killers ever.

The film is directed and produced by Randall Emmett, with a screenplay by Alan Horsnail.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming movie, including plot, cast, release date, trailers, and more. 

Midnight in the Switchgrass

When Will 'Midnight In The Switchgrass' Release?

'Midnight In The Switchgrass' is coming to select theaters on July 23, 2021, distributed by Lionsgate.

It will also be available on Apple TV and will have a Blu-ray and DVD release on July 27.

The film has been in development since early 2020. 'Midnight In The Switchgrass' serves as the directorial debut for film producer Randall Emmett. 

Production for the film began on 9 March 2020 in Puerto Rico but was temporarily halted three days after due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Filming resumed on June 29, 2020. It is unclear when the production wrapped, but the film is now all set for a July 23, 2021 release. The thriller has a total production budget of $15M, financed by EFO Films.

Midnight in the Switchgrass

What Is The Plot Of 'Midnight In The Switchgrass'? 

'Midnight In The Switchgrass' is based on the true story of Texas' most dangerous serial killer, Robert Benjamin Rhoades, otherwise known as The Truck Stop Killer.

Karl Helter (Bruce Willis), Rebecca Lombardi (Megan Fox) are FBI agents tracking a sex-trafficking ring. Their investigation has led them to the path of a brutal serial killer. The two teamed up with Texas Ranger Byron Crawford (Emile Hirsch), who has been investigating the case for years. During their hunt, Rebecca herself fell prey and was abducted by the serial killer they have been trying so hard to find. Rebecca must do all she can to survive while Karl and Byron race against time to save her. 

Midnight in the Switchgrass

Who Is Cast In 'Midnight In The Switchgrass'? 

Emile Hirsch stars as Byron Crawford, the Texas Ranger who has been looking for the Truckstop killer for years. He will be joined by Bruce Willis as Karl Helter and Megan Fox as Rebecca Lombardi, two FBI agents who stumble upon the serial killer's case while working on a separate investigation.

Megan Fox's boyfriend, Colson Baker, AKA Machine Gun Kelly, is also starring in the film.

Megan and Colson met each other on the set of this film and eventually became lovers in real life.

The rest of the cast list includes:

Lukas Haas as Peter
Lydia Hull
Sistine Stallone as Heather
Michael Beach
Caitlin Carmichael as Tracey Lee
Alec Monopoly
Welker White as Ms. Kellog
Jackie Cruz

Is There An Official Trailer For 'Midnight In The Switchgrass'? 

Lionsgate has already released the official trailer for 'Midnight In The Switchgrass.' The trailer is very detailed, and some people criticized how the trailer seems to give away the plot of the entire film. However,  if you don't mind further spoilers, you can look at it below. 


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