Margot Robbie To Star In Female-Led 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Film.

Margot Robbie To Star In Female-Led 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Film.

Margot Robbie is set to play pirate in a female-centric Pirates Of The Caribbean film. Johnny Depp's fans demand to reinstate Depp in the franchise.

Margot Robbie may have to switch her skimpy and colorful Harley Quinn outfit to a pirate costume as she's about to set sail in a female-led Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

The 29-year-old actress will be sailing together with her Birds of Prey colleague Christina Hodson.

The project is in early development, shares The Hollywood Reporter.

The outlet also clarified that this isn't a spinoff of the long-running franchise where Johnny Depp plays Jack Sparrow.

Instead, it will be an entirely different story with new casts inspired by Disney's attraction. 

This is also different from the earlier announced Pirates of The Caribbean film reboot written by Ted Elliott and Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin and is rumored to star Jumanji actress Karen Gillan.

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However, both films are expected to be under the former Pirates Of The Caribbean producer Jerry Bruckheimer.


Bring Back Jack Sparrow

Upon hearing the news, Johnny Depp's fans demanded Johnny's return in Robbie's Pirates of The Caribbean movie.

Fans have been vocal about not wanting to see another Pirates Of The Caribbean film unless Johnny Depp is on it. 

One fan tweeted:

It’s simple .. if the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie has no Captain Jack Sparrow, no Johnny Depp, I’m not watching it.


The fans firmly believe it is not fair for Depp to lose the franchise after Amber's allegedly fabricated abuse story. 

Another fan tweeted:

Yeah, I’d feel way more positively about this if Johnny Depp wasn’t going to the ends of the earth to prove he lost Jack Sparrow because of false allegations from Amber Heard. This is apparently Disney’s way of saying “fuck you” to a domestic violence victim.


Another user tweeted:

Very happy for Margot Robbie on landing the Pirates of the Caribbean movie! She’s gonna kill it! But can we agree that Johnny Depp should still play Jack Sparrow because his lying ass ex wife fabricated stories about being abused and almost ruined his life? Savvy?


Depp's fans have been very active in supporting the actor in his legal battle against estranged wife Heard. They've been tirelessly signing petitions to bring the actor back to the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most profitable franchises in history.

The five feature films grossed more than $4.5 billion worldwide. However, statistics showed a significant drop in the franchise's domestic revenue on its last two flicks. 

Its fourth installment, On Stranger's Tides, only grossed $241 M in North America while the last installment, Dead Men Tell No Tales, only grossed $172 M.

Earlier, there were reports that Disney is considering bringing Depp back for the franchise following public outrage. 

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