Manolo Cardona: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?' Actor

Manolo Cardona: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?' Actor

After starring in 'Narcos' and 'Who Killed Sara?', it is easy to say that Manolo Cardona is slowly becoming one of the most recognizable Colombian stars worldwide. Here are 10 interesting facts about the actor.

Manolo Cardona stars in Netflix's newest hit series,'Who Killed Sara?' as  Álex Guzmán, a brother fresh out of prison after getting wrongfully accused of killing his sister. He is hellbent on finding out who the true murderer is and must use all his skills and knowledge to do so. 

Manolo delivered an impeccable acting performance, but what most people do not know is that Manolo is more than just an actor. He has also proven his talent behind the camera in numerous instances. 

Here are 10 facts you probably didn't know about Manolo Cardona.

Manolo Cardona

1. He Is Not Fond Of Working Out In Real Life

Manolo Cardona admitted that he had a hard time staying in good shape while filming ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Getting fit is not one of the actor's priorities in real life, but his character requires him to do so.  

He told ET online: “I really had to be in shape, and I love to eat,” he says. “I don’t take care of myself that much in my real life, so it was good to be in shape for the character -- but it was hard.”

2. He Is From Colombia

Manolo is not from Mexico, unlike most cast members from 'Who Killed Sara?’ He was born and raised in Popayán, Colombia. His father is a politician, while his mother is a psychologist.


3. He Is Friends with Sofía Vergara

Manolo and fellow star Sofía Vergara are pals in real life. Both stars came from Colombia, so it's not surprising for their friendship to blossom, especially now that they are working in the same industry.

“We know each other, and she’s so nice,” Manolo told Page Six. “I laugh a lot with her the couple of times that we see each other. Hopefully, if I get the authority that Sofía has, that will be amazing.”

4. He Got Into Modelling Because Of His Brother

Manolo started his career as a model at a young age. His elder brother introduced him to an agency, and he quickly signed a contract. He got his first television commercial at 14. 

Manolo Cardona

5. He Is Also A Producer And Director

Manolo is more than just an actor. He's also an expert behind the camera. He has produced and directed television shows and movies. One of the films he produced was 'The Snitch Cartel,' a 2011 Colombian crime film directed by Carlos Moreno.

6. He Has Won Several Awards

Manolo's hard work and talent have earned him the appreciation of fans and several award-giving bodies. His most recent accolade is the Imagen Foundation Award in 2008 for Best Supporting Actor. With his impressive performance in Netflix's ‘Who Killed Sara?’, we are pretty sure he will get more awards in the future. 


7. He Is Married To Valeria Santos 

Manolo Cardona married the gorgeous Valeria Santos in December 2012. The pair are famous in Colombia, and his wife has an active Instagram page where she shares photos of their everyday life. 

8. He Studied Finance 

Before taking the path to showbusiness, Manolo opted to study finance and international relationships in college. However, he eventually found his way back to movies and went to study film in Spain.

Manolo Cardona

9. He Starred In 'Narcos'

‘Who Killed Sara?’ is not the first Netflix hit that Manolo has starred in. Manolo also appeared in 'Narcos' a Colombian series based on the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Manolo played the role of Eduardo Sandoval, the Vice Minister of Justice in President Gaviria's administration. 

10. Quick Facts About Manolo Cardona

His full name is Manuel Julián Cardona Molano. Manolo was a nickname his family gave to him when he was seven, which he eventually used as his screen name. The actor is born on 25 April 1977. 

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